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Head High VS. Body High | BammerTV

Ever notice how some strains make you exceptionally full of energy, while others make you melt into your couch? This video goes into the facts between Head …

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  1. But my question is, I'm new to "concentrates" but I got some c02 oil and I was told of I mix it with my juice and microwave it for a few, I could vape my c02? Is this true

  2. Head high = you feel and are relazed, you dont feel like doing shit because youre on "cloud nine"

    Head high= youre high but not "fucked up" youre aware but still on a "cloud" just not cloud nine.

    Then again this is my personal experience so dont quote me on this.

  3. I’m curious, would dropping THC distillate on your tongue get you high? Like the type out of a cartridge. I’ve heard that some of it is already decarboxilated and can give you an effect.

  4. The same weed can give me any of the highs, depending on the day, time, mood etc.

  5. i want to hear about your guys smoking preferences… glass or paper, flower or wax, fav strains? also a vid about how you guys started smoking would be cool.

    just found the channel and you seem like some cool guys. subbed

  6. Didn't know there's 2. I thought it was just one. I will probably go with head high if i had to pick.

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