Happy Flower Company CBD Hemp Flower Review

Code Budznbeardz will save you 10% at This is my review of Happy Flower Company CBD Hemp Flower. This is TheStonerMom’s …

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  1. ive tried a 12%CBD 7%THC medical strain here in canada and it gave me a weird almost lightheaded feeling? never tried CBD before then to my knowledge and didnt really know what it was. i may have smoked too much of it…and for the wrong reason? to get high haha it was clearly made for medical purposes and i realize now but since then ive bought CBD gummies im waiting to try out in a moment in need (high anxiety situations for me i hear its supposed to help)

  2. I know this is not related to this video, but to the one on which you're making cannabutter, and I wanted to ask, is it really necessary to separate the rest of the weed from the butter with the strainer, or can I leave the remains of the weed in the butter?

  3. Thanks for temhe review I always wondered about cbd flower
    But really thanks for the Hemper discount code saved me 10bucks plus i got the bong ive been wanting

  4. I'm french, thc is absolutly illegal, i get arrested, and my driver license cancelled.
    My life was kind of fucked.
    Then i tried cbd flowers, cause it's not illegal (but not legal.. i hate my law's country so much.), that save me from insanity and deep anxiety.
    Yep, cbd is really relaxing.
    Love your content mate.

  5. Definetly gonna try some of this flower!! Just looked at the website and I'm so gonna try the sour J. I wish it was more well trimmed like in the pictures on the website but the prices are very reasonable!

  6. Nick you slayed your makeup today…I see you baby, how you doin?? 💋💋💖💖💨😺💩

  7. Love love love that you mentioned nonlegal states so many people can still benefit from cannabis without dealing with shady dealers lol. Great review fam CBD is life.

  8. I’ve avoided most CBD products that I have access to because it’s always seemed like a snake oil situation given that I’m living in an illegal state but omg totally excited to order some of this flower. Anything that just takes the edge off would be so great and I just love the ritual of grinding up flower, filling a bowl and smoking so I feel like this would be perfect to satisfy that.

  9. I got a cbd mystery box coming and I’m so excited to try it out. Love your vids

  10. I have some cbd buds from Arkansas. Gonna try it tonight when I get back home

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