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Guerrilla Cannabis Grow Update

July 13 2019 Guerrilla Cannabis Grow Update All plants in flower !!!

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  1. It looks to me like like the one dark green one may be getting too much nitrogen. You're doing a great job. I would be happy to exchange emails with you if you'd like to compare to my outdoor scrog. You're doing very well

  2. Same thing happened to mine after I sprayed just spray very lightly and not when the sun is beaming down lol

  3. Seems like they are upset about something, probably the spray maybe, what kind was it? They will pull through, plenty of time left 👍🏻

  4. Looks better every week. Thanks tall girl haas sativa looking fan blades. I would not worry on the leaves, they will groww out of it. Keep growing!

  5. Everything's looking Great and bouncing back! You got it! Lol Good luck

  6. You can barely see them 👀 good job on making sure they were camouflaged and I’m not sure what’s going on with that deficiency I’m sorry

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