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Growing the Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica)

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  1. Can these grow from cuttings? I have one that's been thriving, but it's got one very long stalk that I'd like to trim down, but down lower to the base it's not really got any branches, and the long branch that it has is very full and has lovely leaves so I'd like to know if I can trim it off the main stalk and replant it, maybe try to encourage it to grow more bushy and less leggy?

  2. they grow in south Louisiana, particularly St. Bernard parish. Grew up touching these. They are abundant there,maybe transplanted long ago. All along the swampy areas, marshes,and woods there. Very abundant

  3. I have success growing mine in Seramis – it is growing really high (like 1.5m) but this is probably because it's not really standing in bright sunlight (it's a north-east windows to be specific) – it produces flowers too but sadly those only last 1 day / 2 days most

  4. I found some of it in a gravel driveway and transplanted some of the gravel as the top of the soil bed. It seems to like to have the top of its roots in gravel.

  5. How do I a take a wild plant that's growing in a yard in my apartment complex and place it in a garden pot? I discovered a bunch of it growing and would love to take some home, and since it's wild it's FOR FREE! 😂

  6. Omg new subscriber here i am a nature lover qnd i post most of nature buugs fruiys plants vedio this touch me not plant is my fav thts y i came n to ur chnnel and moat of fruits and veggies u share am seeing tht for the 1 st tme 😍😍😍😍😍😍wonderful

  7. My mimosa has yellow flowers not pink . It’s leaves are like needles like a fern house plant. It’s a young plant not yet flowered and the needles are falling off of two branches. It’s in a window which has full sun in the morning. I water sparingly every day. I’ve repotted it in miracle grow compost. How do I stop the needles from falling.

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