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Growing huge marijuana trees outdoor soil grow only using chicken poop from start to finish

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  1. You realy don't know what you are doing. Try trimming the poor things. All the plants need some work . Worst plant on you tube by far.

  2. Lol it’s looks like chiccen shit too 😂.. lol I’m a known hater though good job m8

  3. Huge trees coming soon for sure. Topping can be done to the lower branches making your plant bust out and go into beast mode. You don't have to top the very top tho. Either way you are doing it big. You definitely either have stalk rot or a root issue with that one dieing off. Cheerz bro cant wait to see them flower out. I also used to use just straight chicken poo. I find composted horse poo works alot better. Marijuana seed sprout tea is the best.

  4. U let the chicken poop sit out and air out for a while. That shit is highly toxic for anything

  5. Big tall and shitty.. Im a huge supporter of fellow growers but the way you present yourself with a close mind aspect makes you ignorant and so does your professionalism ? Anyone can grow a plant idiot. Its the skills and knowledge that seperate the skilled from a wanna be. All said I still am not a hater and wish your grow well with healthy outcomes. Remember EVERYTHING IN LIFE – YOU GET OUT OF SOMETHING WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT !! CHEERS HOMIE

  6. Mate if you look back at my comment on your last video, i'm not telling you to top your plants, i'm asking why you're not cause i heard it produces 2x the yield (apparently). Calling me a fucking retard is not nice bro, just trying to gather information for myself since i'm on my first grow… anyway take it easy and smoke a joint before you make a video or read the comments cause it seems like you're misinterpretting things. Peace

  7. 🤔 spent all that money….. got all that land…….. and yet your garden and plants look like that…. so having money and land is irrelevant if your growing skills are MEDIOCRE… You dont have to be a dick to us, we all are having a ruff season… calling us idiots and shit we just trying to help…

  8. Looks good, but… I'm curious to see how this works once flowering kicks in. Good luck.

  9. I agree. You don’t have to top to get a great yield . The garden is looking Hollywood 👍🇦🇺🇦🇺👍. I’ll also be back 🤖

  10. Hahahahaha I’m about 25k into my indoor/outdoor urban medical 🏥 personal grow , check for stalk rot on the one with droopy branches maybe thats it 🤓🤪

  11. Grow how u grow my friend!!! Just keep growing u can grow any way don’t ever let no one else tell u other wise great 👍 grow !!

  12. A bro smoke one next time before you do the video bro so you ain’t all pissed off and shit! 💪🏼💪🏼

  13. Oh and mine is hundreds of acres, not plants, acres, so yes I know it’s not cheap!

  14. My shit is on a big ass flat of land too, for as far as you can drive all night long and never ride the same road!

  15. You know why? Because everything in those bottles are what we call “snake oils” we use what nature provides and that’s it! Buy all that shit if they want, just making another man rich! Worm castings and worm tea have everything a plant needs!

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