Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis With Plant Root probiotics

Time to start our next cannabis grow, first thing is first we have to do is get the room ready , keep it clean and time to bring my soils to life for this grow… We are …

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  1. Hey Johnny why did you not put the mikos in there as well when you transplant them they will hulk like crazy the micro rizo will really help them but the mickos will also help if you get the chance get some and give them a dusting on top mend it in and water and watch then hulk …

    [email protected]

  2. Buddy hit me up with a mailtime Unboxing I'm in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada let's trade!!

  3. Great stuff as always. I learn something new every time I watch Thanks for sharing. Stay Lifted. Peace.

  4. Nice train your plants this time pal.. You would get a better harvest. You should grow a lot better with all that equipment pal..

  5. whoop whoop Jonny B love you bro, much love and respect brother ☮☮❤❤🔥👍🌿

  6. This guy loves his work lol excellent video once again John thanks🤙🤙

  7. Medi one??? Why not a microbe juices and compost teas for seedlings and transplanting to activate Microbes??

  8. Hell yeah, bout time someone tackles living soil YouTube….something been studying for awhile now myself. Did you read Teaming With Microbes?

  9. It will be interesting to see which bugs infest your harvest this time, keep us posted.

  10. Hey john, why don't you use mycorrhizae when transplanting if aiming for a living soil?

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