Growers Are Ready for Marijuana Legalization in New York | NBC 4 I-Team

New York is on a fast track to legalize marijuana, and growers and entrepreneurs are excited. But not everyone is on board, especially after seeing what’s …

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  1. Why are you continuing to go to Colorado to find out how marijuana will work when we have a full legal market right next door in Massachusetts? Is it because the Massachusetts model is working so well??

  2. Cigarettes can kill but its legal
    Alchol can kill but its legal
    Medications can kill and its also legal

    Weed can not kill but its illegal
    But it can help u…dats cool but its still illegal smh…dis is a no brainer …make it legal

  3. Lol ny doesn’t have the climate for growing cannabis. Winters are too cold summers are too hot and humid. You can grow but it’ll be trash. Only option is indoors and your high electric and horrible infrastructure will kill that along with your outdated expensive oil. If you think you’re gonna grow in ny think again, only major corporations will be successful. The politicians need to setup their friends for kick backs before it gets approved

  4. Too bad black people are still out for revenge on whites 😆
    Holding pot legislation hostage.

  5. i dont care if the government or state or any company makes much money from it, as long as its legal, well priced and good quality

  6. Weed is a psychoactive substance. It's very harmless and if your already suffering from skitzophrenia or psychosis than you shouldn't smoke it in the first place. Considering your in a psychological state of hallucinations and paranoia. Which could makes weed side effects worse. People really don't understand weed, and it sucks that people keep trying to make it seem bad. Alcohol and Tobacco are very harmful substances. Both can cause mental problems and health problems or even death to selves or others. Let that sink in.

  7. 4:05 bulshit slapnut I lived in Colorado for three years it's booming that state is under-construction like you wouldn't believe brand new schools roads
    Excetera excetera looking forward to it

  8. If pot is a money grab- great!! Grab it up! Its the red light cameras that are the real money grab.

  9. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  10. We Review marijuana and LEGAL CANNABIS products in Washington State. Check us out! CHEERS!!

  11. legalizing marijuana can save NY from debt, it can feed, shelter the homeless and rescue animals, secure our education system, it could create thousands of jobs and could save our environment from pollution. theres many reasons on why they should and to make life better for people who are unable to find work due to marijuana. its a simple plant grown from simple soil and water anybody could grow a plant its not rocket science. you dont have to boil weed stir it up put it in the microwave…… weed is as natural as it gets its grown from the ground. its gods gift to humans , wouldnt be here if god didnt want us to smoke it

  12. I don't think anyone really cares what the state does as long as people can grow their own, they don't want to be caught up in the expense of NY's scheme's and scams. How do you help poor people who will seek cheaper alternatives, and still get caught up in the justice system scheme that Cuomo's bill provides? The reason that the prices are so high on the black market is because of the RISK that is involved in growing, distributing, and the work involved. Once you eliminate the risk, the price is cut in half, at least…. Not to mention that Cuomo's plan doesn't come into full effect until AFTER 2023, a year AFTER he leaves office. That new governor will then put into place his own "Cannabis Czar", and more than likely screw it and NY'ers EVEN MORE….

    Nope I think that NY officials have pretty much shot their wad and their credibility in this matter. I think most of us are realizing that it will be legal FEDERALLY before it is ever legal in NY, and maybe thats what these officials are really making things so difficult for.

    What I am noticing most of all is that it's people that do not even SMOKE it that are setting the rules and regulations for all of us that DO, while maintaining that they're doing something good and it's all just a bunch of crap.

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