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Gov. Abbott Discusses Medical Marijuana Report

Three Texas facilities could start dispensing CBD oil by January.

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  1. Election night is November 6 vote em out of Texas if you want change!!!!!

  2. Vote em out !!!! Beto O'Rourke and Lupe Valdez will legalize marijuana in Texas!!!

  3. I heard someone gave CBD oil to someone seizing and they choked and died on Greg Abbotts CBD oil. People seizing can't swallow so giving them edibles is purely retarded.

  4. it's time to impeach this dude from office, all they are doing is putting money in their pockets by lobbying big pharma and tobacco companies but neglect regular population, they forgot who put them in the office. you can't tell people what to put in their systems if that product has no scientific proven harm – he is a phony politician who gets deep throat from the feds

  5. Hes getting bribes from big pharma or one of the big mexican cartels he know its good meds but the money he gets is much better that dude needs to go

  6. No the Governor is wrong. I'm a born Texan, and those beliefs are not shared by all Texan. The law needs to change. The laws on the books only do one thing. Put people in jail, and destroy family. This is a man in a wheel chair, and it's amazing how he can watch people suffering to No Limits and show no remorse.

  7. That's nonsense and needs to be legalized in all forms because HTC have medical properties to it's good for back pain and I'm from Texas and I know this I know me and you don't see eye-to-eye Mister governor and you know I had emailed you a couple of times personally myself about this topic you just being a hypocrite man you need to stop it and really about what's going on in Mexico and stop the heroin and all the men held drugs that's made from chemicals not a seed if you keep this up 160000 Texans or just going to shove you out the door and make you go see your f*** buddy and you guys can join each other and f*** each other with the butt cuz you and Jeff sessions don't make no sense at all sorry about my little attitude we all make mistakes but come on you going against God here and cannabis is to secede but it takes a human being to make the chemical drugs and that's why we have a drug problem because nobody can get their hands on a natural herb that helps them so they can too chemical drugs and have a drug problem you need to open your eyes inkwood f**** Jeff sessions up the a**** you stupid b**

  8. He’s a huge jerk. can’t wait for the future where we don’t have him in office or some other lying person.

  9. We have to get Greg Abbott out of office! This isn't the 1980's where Nancy Reagan is calling for us to Just Say No to Drugs!

  10. Hemp is legal and Abbott is growing hemp and not marijuana according to federal law. Federal law says marijuana is high in THC. So Abbott is false advertising comparing his legal hemp to marijuana in Colorado. Under federal law hemp is legal in 50 states, but marijuana is not. A lier who sells you something is a conman.

  11. I love how Abbott denies retired people the right to grow their own medication to save a buck, and force them to buy prescription meds with mercury.

  12. Gov. Abbott doesn't understand you need the whole plant THC and all … Or maybe he doesn't care …

  13. This is the one issue that will defeat him this time. He has sold out to big pharma, just check his record.

  14. Abbot is a self-righteous nincompoop. That's just the way he is. Real Texans know better.

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