Growing Cannabis

Girls almost ready for transplanting – Growing Cannabis Outdoor 2019

Just talking about everything i got planned. Next video you will see the 5 biggest plants transplanted outside and maybe have the fence almost done. My phone …

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  1. tell your friends if they don't help they don't get no smoke. I bet they'll come running. Good luck!

  2. Everything’s looking like their growing nicely! We’ve got a few more weeks until flower over here.

  3. Great video Dutch really nice looking garden ya got started ya know who your true friends are when the tough times hit, btw great looking place ya have to I’ve always wanted to visit the Netherlands been on my bucket list since i waz young, nice looking plants and flavors my friend thx ya have to checkout my videos I’ll be updating a new video this week on my outdoor thx, ✌️✌️ hippie jimmy

  4. Great job Dutch very nice place you have a plan friend's never want to work but they will help you smoke it though much love my friend

  5. Plants have exploded mate looking great did you pull the ammi in the end them

  6. Remember the friends that did not help when the harvest time rolls around…

  7. looks good Dutch Peace & Grow from the midwest usa! 👽🍄🌳🌳

  8. Cool video dude. Nice place and plants looking good 🤙🏻

  9. Girls look great man, even ductape braincake! ✌
    More stump burnin comin! 🔥💨

  10. Looking good!!! You do the best you can with what you got!! You are doing fine!!! Thanks for sharing!!!🇺🇸💨🇺🇸

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