Marijuana Medical Benefits

Getting Stoned with Seniors in Seattle

Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users in the country, and they’re finding more ways to use it than ever before. For a look at the …

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  1. 😄 and here, in india old folks have been smoking cannabis stuffed bidis and chillums since ages ..

  2. I think starting a Munchies Store would be cool and to include FREE delivery. LOL

  3. Smoking weed leads to stronger drugs, forty years later and i'm still waiting for that to happen.. go figure.

  4. My granny always loves to get stoned! It's awesome to see so many old people enjoying the plant!

  5. Seattle is a great city!!! Adding marijuana to the economy can only be a good thing. I've smoked for many years now with only positive results. I am old also, so WTF, it helps with pain.

  6. Shit way back before weed was legal in Wa state I'd get high with my cop neighbor lol

  7. Nothing new buds in the 30s song named refer man people been burning buds a very long time the funniest movie ever was refer madness it is coming to be leagle everywhere trump will prolly be making it so here way good way to jump start the econemy the influx of money into the banks alone would be huge then taxes huge would really pump up the numbers for trump its way cool there burnin buds gramps an nana gets stoned

  8. In 1970 old guy neighbor give me a dobie he said smoke this giggle weed i totally love it the olsters are smoking up yup super duper enjoy the jazz cabbage smoke on buds zzzzz

  9. Eating Raw cannabis plant provides a type of secondary metabolism that is Catalyst derived . Smoking provides a hydrolytic type of secondary metabolism . it is either hydrolyzing agents or catalyzing agents

  10. how cannabis helps Elderly people = better neuronal signalling / better neuroplasticity in cells. phytocannabinoids are lipid molecules that bind onto receptors on the surface and inside cells. the shape of those lipid molecules ( cannabinoids) create metabolism in the cell . the molecule signals to establish homeostasis signals that drive the cells' functions. Each neuronal cell has an amount of signalling that is determined by the bio-active lipids ( cannabinoids ). each cannabinoid signal is a direct ligand gated channel that makes it through all the cell bi layers via specific cell enzymes that metabolizethe cannabinoid along the way ( MAGL / DAGL / FAAH / PPAR / TRPV1 )
    ingesting phytocannabinoids from cannabis species provides human cells with a type of lipid metabolism that drives the very signals and messages that maintain the cell as our cells and our entire life is carbon based

  11. Just imagine walking into into a nursing home or retirement home and seeing a 8 foot bong in the room

  12. My grandma used to peep on me & my cousin smoking joints & tell my mom 😂😂 they still don't like it but they allow me to do it now 😊

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