Marijuana Medical Benefits

Functional Forum Interview: Medical Cannabis with Jeff Chen, MD, MBA

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  1. I one more thing we don't need pharmaceutical based phytocannabinoids medicine! We do need scientific studies done with proper cannabis and our endocannabinoid system though. Sorry you can't patent that..

  2. Thank you for a correct video on CannaBis. I can't wait till you start taking about phytocannabinoids in acid form… Juicing raw cannabis is going to be one of the healthiest therapeutic medicines for our endocannabinoid system. THCA, CBDA, and all the rest of the compound in acid form. Along with the terpenoids and flavornoids…

  3. was it mentioned that cannibis interacts with other meds thru the liver cytochrome p450?

  4. Dr. Chen and James, thanks for your excellent overview of this timely and important topic.

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