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From Body Bags to Cannabis Storage (feat. FunkSac) | Cultivate Ep. 23

This Episode was filmed at MJBiz 2019* Featured guest Garett Fortune sat down with us while at MJBiz 2019 to talk through how FunkSac and HempSac came …

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  1. I used 62% boveda packs on some high end marijuana that was cured the best I’ve ever seen, mind you it was about 8 diff strains by two diff companies. All of it was cured to beyond perfection. Idk wtf happened but the boveda pack pulled every bit of humidity out of my bud and left it so dry to the touch that the kief would just fall off on my hands and fingers as I touched it. The bud was super well grown, buds were super dense with what felt like the perfect amount of humidity. It wasn’t soft or squishy at all. It had a little give if you were to pinch it hard but by no means would it begin to break apart. While rolling blunts I would break it down by hand and after the initial tuck I could untuck the leaf and it would still be a in the log shape that I had pressed it in while rolling. Everything you want in good cured high end cannabis. After using the 62% boveda packs which is even on the higher end of storing cannabis when it comes to humidity, many people use 55-58%, but after using them in my mason jars, each with two separate eighths inside my bud turned so dry that if I were to try and break it up by hand it would just crumble. Needless to say I took them out. I just ordered 5 little hygrometers off amazon and I will be putting a hygrometer and one of boveda packs that I only used for about a week into the jar to see what it ends up reading after another week or so of storing. I really hope for some reason these boveda packs are messed up because I would love to be able
    To use them to keep my bud stable for a few months until I Smoke it all. I’m buying bud quit often when we have special drops at a few diff dispos here in Michigan and I gotta grab the strains when they drop it I ever want to try them cuz most sell out within 24 hours. Another thing, this was not just one jar with a boveda pack in it that did this. I had 10 jars with 2 eighths each inside and it did it every single one. I even have a jar with two unopened cookie eighths that I’ve had for almost a month before placing the boveda pack inside the jar with them still unopened. Did this because even unopened there is a very strong cannabis smell coming from the packs meaning clearly those packs are no where close to air tight. Figure boveda couldn’t hurt. I would open the jar the first month and squeeze the packs to make sure it was maintaining its original feel. First month in sealed mason jar they both felt exactly the same as the day I purchased them. Nice and hard buds with no give. One week with a boveda pack and I goto feel the packs again and I could hear crunching slightest squeeze. idk wtf is going on.

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