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FRESH Chinese HOT POT FEAST at the Holy Cow – 10 Cuts and Sauces | Shanghai, China

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  1. Thanks for another amazing video David. Ima big fan of hotpot. This restuarant is on my wish list to visit. Keep the videos coming bro 👍🏻

  2. 我敢说他吃小笼包时肯定被烫了,不好意思表现出来,强颜欢笑,哈哈哈哈

  3. Extreme envy! Wow David, what a feast! My mouth stayed open and I almost drooled watching you enjoy this repast. I live in Toronto with many China Towns and hot pot restaurants. With it being summer weather, I shall hold off visiting them until the fall, then with this video as encouragement, I will indulge! Thanks for sharing this incredible meal David. Cheers, Colin.

  4. David is such a good narrator, he makes everything interesting without exaggerated dramatic performance.

  5. You put too much spice into your sauce, in shanghai they love sweet sauce over spicy ones unlike the sichuan numbing ones, which I personally hate since you can't taste original meat flavour and only spice, shanghai sauce is very simple, ALOT of sesame sauce, some satay for salt flavour, sesame oil for auroma, cilantro for auroma and earthiness, some sesame seeds.

  6. I started following your channel last night & think you do a great job showing food & culture where you visit!!! I follow a lot of food travel channels & THANK you for not being annoying with all the MMMMM, WOWS & OH YAYS!!!! I will keep watching if you keep making!!! GOD BLESS BROTHER!!!!

  7. Yum, how fun to pick the sauces. His sauce look better. Oh, it was. You liked it. He’s had time to experiment w the sauces. It’s true you can eat tons of meat w/o sugar & carbs. Keto

  8. whats wrong with those INDIANs?? Any chinese spread hated comments down blow of his india videos?? get a life !

  9. There are so many different styles of hot pot in China , this one is from my hometown !

  10. China's food is very healthy so they r win gold medal in Olympics …they r food is not much spicy and oily food like a our Indian food …

  11. David you always amaze me, another mega thumbs up brother! 😎🐃🐄🥢🍄🌿🍽🍺

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