Found CBD oil in a shop in Sydney 25 May 2019

Just bought some CBD Oil, first experience: Update: Update on CBD oil, 7 hours since first intake plus second round of 2 drops at 3 hours ago: I have energy I …

CBD Essence
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  1. Look up Donna Eden and Prune Harris they help with aches and pains. Serious help!!! Hope you feel better!!
    Lisa Black seed oil is great!
    God Bless You!

  2. Thanks so much Tim again for info which is SO needed!!
    We here in NYC also do not have CBD oils legal – but some of our health food stores carry them for USD80 (approx). I will give it a try, hopefully it will help me as well with my "ascension symptoms" !
    Ivette 🙂


  4. What is the name of the CBDZ OIL. And where can I get some please and thank you. Bless you

  5. I use mms or I know use can use rife machines long term to clear organism which is a spirochete just listened to you describing your youth disfunctionally I think your an et with trouble adjusting to this earth

  6. you are so in tuned wit your body ask a lot of your symtoms fit with lymes

  7. hi tim this is dr j from pa usa cbd oil is great intuitively can you rule out lymes disease for yourself I felt compelled to mention it to you love you namaste

  8. Schumann resonance has been crazy. You need to move out of the third dimensional reality and stay in the fifth. Scrap delivering political stuff. Stay true to who you truly are. Get well. 🙂

  9. I saw a nice water jet tub seasoned with sea salt. splash I go. Looking good bro.

  10. Tim, here's yet another alternative healing option: check out Well Healed on youtube. Biomagnetic Healing has been suppressed in the US for decades although it has been available in other countries. I recently did it remotely with the healer referenced in the video. Best wishes to you with your healing. A California fan

  11. Love to see you Tim!!! Me too flu symptoms! Thank you for all you continue to do in service and for your great sense of humor!!! 🕉☮💜💚💙🙏😇😍

  12. you need to hold it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before you swallow and you need more than a couple of drops

  13. Amazing location – so peaceful, the water is mesmerising! CBD oil is really interesting – take it slowly and gradually increase the dose. Bear in mind that there are different strains and doses depending on health issue – The Saced Plant.com will help with this. Also, MCT oil has been highly recommended to me …

  14. Absolutely agree Tim, must have the persons permission before doing anything particularly healing! Definitely ascension symptoms….

  15. Donna Eden is natural energy healing. Prune Harris is imaginal health. No medicine and the side effects are health. Really is amazing on you tube! Lisa

  16. Tim, check out Donna Eden and Prune Harris, they will help you feel better! To release pain and pressure.

  17. Tim something strange is happening. There are no planes in the sky right now. I live north of Atlanta and every two minutes i see a plane fly over my house everyday. Went out couple of times today but just noticed the silence and not a plane in sight. Something is going on.

  18. Tim why don’t your vids have intel anymore ?? I started watching your vids a couple mo ago because you were really connected to great sources and we need to know what’s really going on outside of fake news
    Thank you and I am praying for God to reveal himself to you in dreams and visions you have sensitive and open he♥️ry!! Love and May God Bless and keep you

  19. good selection that oil will be good, black seed is good on its own enjoy Tim.

  20. Thanks, Tim. For the last week I have had those exact same FLU symptoms. I wondered if my blood pressure was low too. Lethargic, weak. Snotty, soreness in lungs. Light-headed, dizzy. Loss of appetite. Ugh. I have things I need to do, but just can't. Hoping it's ascension related. 🤔 May we all feel better! Much love & wellness for you.

  21. Thank you for mentioning you must ask permission. I do the next best thing which i recommend to all. As humans we can PRAY, very different from sending energy without permission. Sending energy to someone without permission has a terrible fallback, it teaches to violate space in higher dimensions, which is terrible. Ask yourself, how will you communicate with another race in higher dimension? It is with the Thought, not the physical as we do in 3D. some races I know will not connect with you until you learn to do it non-physical, so the mouth, hands, or any physical form is not of being a higher Soul. Our consciousness is the key to communication with the universe throughout eternity. too have had the most pain in my back I have had all my life with these energies rolling in. Peace, Love, Lazaro

  22. Beautiful 🌺 wow!-I woke up work really bad Sinus pain and congestion, I'll be using my netti pot for sure. How can I go theta healing in myself? Is there inormation some place?
    Wow, only 2 drops? I have to take a whole dropper full of the stuff I have.

  23. Awe that's so awesome to take care of yourself now. I love hearing your story. I love the cbd. oil. Awesome ventures. it's good to shake it up first.take care.

  24. I have the same issues with PTSD and anxiety and am working thru my boundary issues too. 💔 Sending you healing and love Tim…….🙏💗

  25. 🏞️🌳🌲🌱💞🌌💞🌱🌲🌳🏞️
    Hi buddy make sure you take care of you frist we all are making the difference 😊✌️

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