Former Speaker John Boehner On Legalizing Marijuana | CNBC

Former House Speaker John Boehner speaks about why he now supports the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and Kevin Murphy, Acreage …

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  1. Gosh another one's waking up coming up to the times, I bet you think they're half asleep most of the time!

  2. I think John is useless buuuut…… John is a pot head. He's been a pot head for years. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. I have multiple sclerosis and it really helps me. But In The state I Live in it is illegal

  4. Kevin Murphy don't care about Marijuana users . They just want to capitalized on it and make Marijuana manufactured (grown ) and distributed by Corporations instead of locally and regionally owned growers and distributors .

  5. Boehner is high as hell! you know he has a Jamaican son-in-law he's getting that good stuff.

  6. Notice after he joined the board at acerage holdings they sold to the largest Canadian marijuana company for 3 and a half billion dollars upon legalizing federally in USA….they already received 300million for a down payment….sounds like Boehner knows something the rest of us dont….legalization IS coming to America 110%

  7. Yeah right,! Sessions wants to keep it illegal. You just want to know how you just want to cash in. MONSANTO wants to cash in. They don't have access to get a card because it is illegal.


  9. Legalization nation wide on the federal level it's not fair some state's allow it and other state's do not come on President Trump sign the bill now for all of us American's.

  10. Legalize it tired of all the bs medications thats worse than marijuana need relief

  11. It is only a gateway when arrests put people in jail which then said jailed individuals start using harder drugs.. so the true gateway is the prison system

  12. Tobacco, booze, gasoline, cars, guns all legal money makers. Welcome to legal reefer.

  13. Within a few years there will be laws allowing card carriers to grow a certain amount for "personal use". In the same vein, I see 18 year old children obtaining cards and sucking smoke for decades until their minds and teeth have left them. Is this rational? The fact is, the USA is run by criminals, most of them embedded in Washington…

  14. "Evolution of an opinion" has NOTHING to do with marijuana use. The fact is: Medication with specific, controlled amounts of THC, CBD and CBN are currently available as prescription drugs at a nominal price. This silly notion of growing a "plant" with uniform strength and performance is preposterous. Good for potheads though…

  15. Think about it. The federal government will not let me grow a plant in my back yard that possibly cures cancer. WTF!!!!!!

  16. All about the money, sell-out! So, what is weed: a medicinal DRUG, you say. So you want to legalize recreational use of drugs. OUTKAST: "you need to git up, git out and git something
    Don't let the days of your life pass by
    You need to git up, git out and git something
    Don't spend all your time trying to get high".

  17. The ONLY use of cannabis that should be legalized ought to be in the form of carefully monitored medical pain relief; it is effective in extreme cases. But to make it generally available for recreational use is not wise. Marijuana is a brain affective drug. There are too many mistakes that people can make under its influence and, of course, the product will only continue to become more potent over time (as history has demonstrated.). Boehner is transparent; he's lobbying for general distribution in order to make mega millions for himself. Disgusting.

  18. I’ll never understand government telling responsible adults what they can and cannot consume. Land of the free!

  19. In some alternate reality this argument is about (insert other drug here)

  20. So now Boehner is a drunkard and a pothead…..
    Could explain why he was such a pathetic speaker of house….

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