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Florida's weed rules are an emotional rollercoaster. + Trulieve Lemon OG Review/smoke sesh

2:33 is where the strain review starts if u are only here for that. this video is for educational (and entertainment) purposes. this is a recap of what i’ve recently …

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  1. Hey thanks for the information about florida legel weed I am moving from Massachusetts where its mutch more free and there are not many rules and was concerned about getting it I have horrible panic atacks and insomnia and nothing helps like weed other than taking large doses of additives everyday

    I have a gaming Chanel would I be able to make weed videos on there or would I need another type of license check out my gaming chanel if you get the chance

  2. Congrats. I have lived in Fl all my life. This state is screwy. After Amend 2-Celebrate Stop
    You are Grrreat keep it going!!

  3. man if they make it 10% i have no idea what im gonna do :'( its not faiiiirrr) i thought we were moving forward but florida is the worse when it comes to medical cannabis

  4. I live in Florida 😎. The dispensary near me is always sold out of pre rolled so effin annoying

  5. Can you share info how to get your mmj photo without using a drivers license photo??

  6. Note to everybody out there. The senate essentially just threw away the bill. Not going forward with it so we won guys.

  7. I've never been a smoker/toker of weed, but once I get my Florida MMJ card, I'm going to buy a bunch of pre-rolls and smoke them all just out of relief.

    I have Never understood the laws against marijuana. I hate how they turn good people into criminals over smoking something to feel better when people drink alcohol and die or kill other people in cars.

    We Must end prohibition. First in Florida, and then across the nation.

  8. Wtf 10% may as well be smoking tobacco ffs 10% gtfo here with that bs WTF for why even smh such dumb fucjin shit ill just get my flower illegally from the street! Ffs and then it's another thing I keep hitting my limit n run out n then don't have enuf to sleep cuz I'm an insomnia having trouble sleeping with 87%thc +several other thc80+% how the ACTUAL fuck is 10% I won't even be able2 get medicated on that! I can't even feel 60%! And that's ratio too WTF ridiculous shit is this bullshit10% non sense gtfo ALL THAT will do will be sure no 1 buys flower legally n then end up going to the strert for that and then get wax n shit distillate extracts etc legally cuz u don't want THAT shit from street lmao I've seen too many rigs catch fire from idiots who try to make a buck off too much butane and not to mention the pesticide n other chem n RC random research chem they could throw in it so yeah those are the many reasons to go legit. But 2020 were supposed too LEGALIZE IT nation wide rec! So can't wait for THAT n THIS rollercoaster ride to end!

  9. 67% percent was enough to vote it in….67% is enough to vote politicians out. 10% is not what Florida voted for.

  10. Just know big pharma and big alcahol will block this at every step

  11. I feel you with the roller coaster ride! However, everyone I talk to from recreational states say they ALL went through these same issues starting with medical! That gives me hope!! Congratulations on your 1 year!! Amazing how much can change in a year, Great Job!!

  12. had me 6min in glad ur having fun on the YouTube platform expect good things, I guess ill have sub to see u shine

  13. Since you started making new videos, you seem more subdued, more solemn. Hope things are going OK with you.

  14. Thank u so much for this video! I was wanting a review of the lemom og flower.
    Sadly, i somehow missed this new 10% craziness. 😡
    I mean even $35(up to $65) for 3.5g is nuts!
    Then x2 if that passed!
    I really hope this gets tossed!
    Thanks again for sharing this w us n for the great review!!

  15. I use a all natural hemp wrap with cbd in it and I put some concentrate in the wrap with the buds lol its my moon blunt cheers on 1 year happy YouTube bday

  16. The rules cost a lot. $50 to get the updated file for smokable then $25 every 35 days from the doc. Wow.

  17. Ellie K, I so agree – def a roller coaster ride, but this theme-park driven state has enough roller coasters. Hopefully, recent history repeats itself and the senate doesn’t approve this latest House ploy, or if they do, the governor threatens veto. Luckily, we continue to have full support from both Gov DeSantis and Senator Brandes (both GOP btw) to do the right thing and hopefully sweep this latest FL House farce to the curb like they did for the smokable Bill a few weeks ago. Their non stop mantra of “the people voted overwhelmingly for this” continues to resonate loud and clear.

    Regardless of party, for the life of me I do not understand how ANY politician would reject the untapped revenue stream! Colorado just posted over $3B in state revenue (taxes, fees, licenses) since 2014! A lot of that was from tourism, BUT FL has 5X the population and obviously an already robust tourism market. Skies the limit.

    For the record, I am a 62yo FL native who has been involved in the (still) booming Mj black market since the ‘70’s. The best thing any of us can do at this point is make sure our state reps know we are watching. Also, definitely get active with Regulate Florida. To find your local reps, go here: Who’s My Congressman? and click the Email option. Learn more and support Regulate Florida – this is our best solution for 2020.

  18. Nice job and by the way ma'am you came along way since your first video, I got 8 box's of gorilla grape that came in twenty percent of THc plus thanks for the information I think we should be able 2 grow our own on plants I'm thinking moving back to Colorado. Yep

  19. Ready to move to legal state, can’t afford them, it’s all about money 💰Great Video, I got 9lb today finally it was so nice to smoke 🔥💨 Now this about 10% limit. It’s really depressing🙄 Smoking Best! Congratulations 🎉🎈

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