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Five Leaf Wellness cbd hemp flower dispensary review

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  1. you can’t even tell you never met before the video Great 1 2 punch 🥊 💯

  2. The metaphors are hilarious ..”when Care Bears are skipping” 😂😂😂

  3. smoking some lemon squeeze from five leaf wellness right now. felt it off one hit. nice flower!

  4. Ima be replying to the convo by text and sharing all ya vids on my fb lol.. Yeah Im prolly gone be the #1 supporter lol #SEVENROSE

  5. Yep you gone be seeing alot of Seven Rose Lol, Im definately ya biggest fan now lol Ima be gettin on ya nerves fasho 😂

  6. Okay thanks big dawg. . Im from georgia but Indiana weird af, i only knew it was legal i didnt know it was legal to ship… Cause it say .17 thc on The site and here it say only .3 is legal

  7. I feel blessed to have discovered you because I discovered CBD flower. Thank u for educating people about this plant! I'm a believer for life and spreading the love

  8. So this stuff is great for newbs…because when I go to work high…I will talk to everybody and I know where to put my hands, lol…while being high af. For me that's the point. But for medical reasons I see this would be great, but I'm also over smoking tree and stinkin up my whole neighborhood…vape or edibles in 2019 for me.

  9. Please give this to me. I suffer severe depression and anxiety and cbd helps me a lot but i can’t afford this on a daily basis. I’ll do anything for this man.

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