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First Time Growing Weed at Home: Week 2 & 3 –Watering and Pruning!

START WITH WEEK 1: HIGH FRIENDS! We continue our weed video journal and show how we water and prune our new …

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  1. I get funny looks from my boyfriend when i talk to my ladies and he also thinks im weird for naming my plants

  2. You're not supposed to cut your plants so much….. Every time you cut your plants you stress them out. Let them bush out and then before you flower them trim them up.

  3. Sorry guys this is absolute fail. You dont have any knowledge about what you do. The plant looks absolut unhappy, you should watering den plants on drain. PH value of the water is also one of the importents things to get a good result

  4. That Pod is pretty cool. I think the Mango will be your best producer. I grew one a few years ago and she was a beast. Looking forward to tracking your progress.

  5. Guys, check the temperature (looks like it very hot inside), check the Ph level, check the PPM level (they look hungry)… check the Grow Forums!

  6. Thanks for sharing this process. I feel like we are all learning together. I’m hoping to start my own little grow later this year, and I’m actually feeling less intimidated by the whole thing watching you two work with your babies. Sending good vibes!

  7. And btw those are already starting to flower, you can see the white hairs coming in.

  8. In fact to be quite honest I would suggest just taking those 3 and place them on your deck and water them twice a day, they may produce a small bud or two each if they recover.
    Then get yourself one fabric pot that's 3 gallon and plant one seed that's an autoflower to grow in that contraption because if those 3 plants had grown normally they would busting out the sides by now, you would have a blivet.
    Even an autoflower will need to be trained growing in such a confined space.
    You also need to watch your temp and humidity, temp should get no hotter than 80 and in veg you should have the humidity between 60 to 70% and in flower down to 40% or below.

  9. Word of advice, you literally can not possibly overwater in a tiny little FABRIC pot.
    You need to give them like 10x the water you are.
    Currently I would say none of those will survive to produce a bud as they need more water at that stage.
    Take those babies mix up some water that chlorine free and put some coconut water and aloe vera in it and a bit of yucca, the saponins in the yucca will help the soil absorb water.
    Water, water, water, you cant overwater in a fabric pot the size of a thimble.

  10. You guys need help. Overwatering means watering it before the dirt becomes dry. You can tell if the dirt is dry by picking up the plant. A thirsty plant will be extremely light. You can give it as much water as you want on the day you water it. And, get some saucers to catch the runoff. You should have about 20% runoff everytime you water. Your plants have yellow leaves at the bottom because you didn't water them enough and it's too hot. That's what mine do if I go too many days without watering. It's too soon to have yellow leaves also. That should happen during the last few weeks of flowering. And, you only trim the tips of the leaves when making a clone. You only do it one time because the clone does not have the root structure to support leaves. Also, go buy some Cal-Mag. When you see purple stripes on your plants or the stalk is purple, it means you have a Calcium deficiency. Anytime you have a deficiency the growth rate slows down a lot. Don't use unfiltered tap water. Too much chlorine. Two of my secrets are Roots Excelurator Gold by House&Garden and Recharge by Real Growers. And, that pod is cute and everything, but one plant will fill that whole thing by the time you switch to flower. One more thing, buy some velcro tape and use it to bend the tallest branches flat during veg. It sticks to fabric pots. This is called Low Stress Training. LST will strengthen your branches and make tons of tops all down the plant. By making tops everywhere you redistribute the weight evenly and will avoid falling over during flower.

  11. Hey guys! Thank you for being awesome! Have you heard anything regarding the latest youtube's approach to cannabis related channels? I mean the most part of them have been restored after cracking down last year but youtube keeps deleting small European channels and nobody has any idea who is next and why. Thank you!

  12. The mango I recon will give yiu the most looks real healthy and shouldn't be to hard to grow unlike the exotic strains which need a special touch can't wait to see them grow

  13. I grow my own in a tent. I love it. I recommend the Jorge Cervantes book Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible – it helped me SOO much when I first started and I'm currently on my 4th grow!! 🙂 I love watching these videos. I have to admit I'm very curious as to how yours will do in flower because they can double in size and it's hard to tell how much room you have in that leaflit. Either way it's an incredibly cool way to grow!!

  14. Another cool video! When clipping the leaves cut as close to the stem as possible that way you can avoid mold! 😃🙏💨. I just uploaded a video showing my garden, i would love for you guys to watch it! ☺

  15. Okay.. great job sharing but those are severely under watered. But a learning process and that is awesome. Be careful if you get them to make a comeback with the height of lamp. Try and make the leaves look up by pulling towards light. Also they are being stressed and while it’s early, you don’t want the plants to become herm and grow bananas.

  16. Yes keep talking to your baby's it's the best way they grow also I would midweek take a sprayer and just Spritz them and mid rotate might help Good vibes stay high

  17. You guys should message @highcountrystoner and ask her for some tips on growing her plants are amazing !!

  18. I'm not gonna chime in with any critique/ advice. It's just awesome to watch you start your journey. Plants are awesome!!!

  19. its heat stress believe me.. if you can add a pc fan in between the light and plant canopy that will solve the problem. try watering it at slower pace since I see water dripped from the side of your smart pot, that indicates your medium are too dry. if there is any run off from watering it should come down mostly from the bottom part of your smart pot or else its going to create a water channel inside your medium. Good luck with the grow!

  20. The new life is going good so water it good and leave it alone for at least 3 days maybe 5

  21. Great update. If I may, when watering ensure that about 10% of what you put in comes out the bottom.
    Overwatering is the frequency of the watering. They shouldn’t be done too close together.

    You guys got this! Much love!

  22. I am a first-time from seed grower. Once before I attempted growing inside a cabinet but lack of air flow gave me powdery mildew (eew!). I have two plants potted that are 6&8 weeks which are on 12/12 light for gender determination. Another 13 seedlings are still enjoying their Aerogarden Sprout but are rapidly overgrowing so they need 12/12 gender determination lighting now too. Clones are a much easier way to start and are guaranteed female. Half of my starts could be male #nodicks

  23. Most righteous lookin dabbage cabbage AWESOME. Most def groovy. p.s. im going to see stick figure live in concert on Thursday goin to live stream if i can find a plug to stay charged if not will prerecord & post.

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