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First Smoke of the Day – Ray Bama of Runtz | The Fire Society – Episode 28

It’s Monday and we’re back with another HUGE episode for the culture. Campaign-marketing guru, Ray Bama shows us some love with the terp-filled history of …

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  1. So basically these guys are NOT real growers or breeders but more hype boys convincing you to think they some how have better BAGSEEDS than the average joke 1 time grower… these fools have the industry convinced they are somehow some type of breeder or whatever then he admits they were “running on bagseeds” bro this is clown amatur hours finest it’s sad because he actually got influence on you sheeps to believe they are somehow weed gods and your bagseeds are pointless and there’s are special. Trash podcast chad hosts these guys are fake fake fake

  2. For the love of god..can y’all ever let the guest finish their statement??? You guys need to listen to “The Potcast” and take some notes from him.

  3. Holy fucking shit. You guys needs to watch some YouTube videos on how to interview people. Or else rename your podcast “The Interruption”

  4. On my mama I respect ray so much. From fire society, helping the 420 community, even telling me to “get off my ass and keep grinding” he got a spot on my yacht when I make it

  5. I see his vision I wish I could invest in it
    I live in hayward right now and to work in the industry like bro is doing is a dream I had since I was younger and my sisters boyfriend worked at dispos

  6. Everyone's got such story's to tell it would be hard even creating a structure in the interview to point questions as the conversations flow so fluently but for the love of god let the man speak. These pods are obviously pre recorded a few weeks in advance i hope in future episodes it gets easier to follow as 'packgod' needs to allow it at times. Sick episode regardless and loved hearing this story.

  7. Talking over a guest gets real old, real quick. Y’all are going to have trouble retaining new viewers with that disaster of audio every minute or two.

  8. "Packgod" is annoying af man needs to stfu and let the people talk. All he does is try and promote himself, constantly interrupts in every episode lowkey kind of ruining this show like bro were not here to listen to that guy straight up

  9. When he started about corporate suits it it got a little awkward in the air with all those growgen water bottles, dont be offending their investors now ray lol

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