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Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor to the Pax 3

The Firefly 2+ is a big upgrade to the popular cannabis vaporizer. Despite retaining the same battery and form-factor as the Firefly 2, the 2+ manages better …

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  1. Used both the firefly 2 and the Crafty. Go with the Crafty, it's much easier to use than the ff2. The parts are very cheap with the ff2.
    Also, I use scoop I made from a business card that easily filled my ff2, I never use my fingers and don't need to.

  2. These companies are extremely high, charging what they're charging for a glorified pipe lol

  3. Price is high, but it looks like you would be too. I like the front see-through panel. Classy. I support seeing more smoking related things on Engadget, especially if they are more healthy oriented.

  4. this is actually better than the old fashioned way lmao i just want to get high not have all the smoke everywhere

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