This video is about FILING A COMPLAINT AT THE FAIRFAX COUNTY PD (GONE WRONG!!) Officers featured in this video: Officer Sean Regan, Officer Kevin …

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  1. If she writes anything down and if she actually talks with a superior she will mention that; in front of a corroborating witness she stated that she smelled alcohol on your breath and asked you to leave. This by itself negates any serious consideration of anything that occurred during this interaction. She is a real pro. Get an attorney.

  2. All police stations are required to have complaint forms ready for the public if asked for. PLEASE don't ever fall for the BANANA IN THE TAIL PIPE. Always ask for a form a piece of paper never discuss anything with any officer!!!!!!!

  3. Could she stand with her feet a little farther apart ? 15:04

    I mean, just to take up more space and demonstrate an authoritative presence.

    Oh. Wait. … … It's already exaggerated.

    It's so exaggerated, it's comical.

    I'm laughing. … out loud…


  4. I'm always watching πŸ‘οΈ. They are making new rules and regulations daily to control us illegally. WHAT YOU DID YESTERDAY WILL be deemed unessential and illegal tommorow..This is a Nazi control agenda for the purpose of generating revenue for those that assume some magical authority over the citizens of America. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘οΈ

  5. What an absolute joke, Lt Lentz taking a complaint on her note pad which she will probably throw in the trash, stone walling and trying to change the focus onto the complainant "how much alcohol have you had." It beggars belief that there is no simple process for members of the public to make a complaint without interference from the very people you want complain about, what a joke.

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