Fetterman announces marijuana legalization 'listening tour' throughout Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman says he will visit all 67 counties to get public feedback on the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana. Fetterman is in …

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  1. Look at canada. Its NOT a "legalization". Its prohibition 2.0. NO politician has interest in the poeple. NOT ONE. Remember that. They ONLY use this for their election, to monopolize cannabis, make MONEY from it and to enforce even more inhuman laws upon the people. Check canada. PLEASE DONT TRUST YOUR POLITICIANS. They all lie ! Dont beg another human being for a plant goddammit..

  2. Two criminals. Invoking a criminal activity and making it legal. Everyone knows that drug addiction starts from a gateway drug. We can't legislate laws just for money.

  3. No recreational pot! There's enough drunk and drugged drivers as it is. You don't have my vote, not now, not ever.

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