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Father Defends Giving Marijuana To 5-Year-Old Boy

The father of a 5-year-old boy who was prescribed marijuana cookies by a Hollywood physician to control temper tantrums is defending his decision in an …

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  1. Because he didn't give him they medications they give that fucks a child up for the rest of their lives.. Im with the dad and the doctor because they try giving me medications and it gave me seizures but weed works well..great job you two

  2. I don't see anything wrong with what he did. Believe it or not marijuana is better than those Rx pills thet be giving us..

  3. SSRI's are the Devil…

    Been on em most of my life & I can't even get an erection anymore. Plus I have little to none Libido.

    I contemplate suicide every now & then.

  4. Americans can be so indignant about petty things….. they took this mans child from him over BULLSHIT. And, this doctors' license is on the line for making a JUDGEMENT CALL. No law was broken but the fragile fabrege egg psyche of a few did 🤪

  5. What they didnt bring up is the "alarming " rate at which kids are diagnosed with adhd. Could be the school environment that has been failing multiple generations.

  6. 150 years ago, children used to drink beer, because water was dirty.

    Times change.

    Worry about your own kids.

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