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FAQ's on how to Access Medical Cannabis Australia, how holistic health helps auto-immune disease

Hemp foods and medical cannabis, a short update on whats to come, the requirements for accessing medical cannabis in Australia, and our hemp oil supply …

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  1. Hi i keep on getting skin cancers ive had 4 melanoma's,and 3 SCC and also have a auto immune disease called hypothyroidism, i wonder what my future is going to look like with getting skin cancers rather often?,would it be worth while to apply for the CBD oil, how dose one do that, I also have other health issues, but im not terminally ill.

  2. I just got prescribed high % CBD product's in Victoria, Australia through the Cannabis Access Clinics to manage chronic symptoms of my Aspergers Syndrome like social anxiety and insomnia. They are finally starting to give it to those who need it 👍Big change is coming in Australia around cannabis law. I guarantee it.

  3. This is why the black market is so active. The government has created an access scheme that makes people jump through so many hoops.

    My mum who is a cancer survivor recently suffered a bout of bells palsy (in addition to her rheumatoid arthritis). Basically I'm forced to order it online and hope it gets through. It's a shame that we're stuck at this point..knowing in a few years we will legalise marijuana as the Americans have.

    We are just slaves to the politics. People are suffering because our leaders aren't leading.

  4. Hi Tom, I just googled your website and found Hemp Factory Australia (is this your website?), but when I try to access your website it takes me direct to a Chinese website – really weird!

  5. Thanks so much for ur vdo. I known n used for my self from black market oversea i really need to be able to buy it and post it to australia but seem lots questions may get stop at custom.. Pls help. Thanks. I live in pain and its save me and i wish no one should suffer in pain any minutes

  6. Hay there.. I sent u an email.. I need to know if CBD oil contains iron.. I know hemp oil ( from seeds) does.. I have haemochromatosis which means my bobby produces to much iron. Any help would be great..

  7. Hi my wife has 3 different autoimmune disease Lupus ,sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis do you think she would be eligible to try .. her current meds are not working or have side effects and we are willing to give anything a go to make life easier

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