Exploring the Legal Pot Industry in Colorado

On our way back from Utah last summer, we made a stop in Colorado to visit Golden Leaf dispensary and learn more about how the legalization of selling a …

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  1. Due to YouTube's demonization and age restricting policies, we decided to hold off on the second follow up video for the time being while we figure out YouTube's arbitrary and inconsistent policies.

  2. Those dispensaries are overpriced tourist traps. If your a colorado local and you don't grow. Your an idiot. Not getting any of my money.

  3. *Doesn't that seem a little backwards? When it was purely medical, anyone could be hired as a 'medicine producing employee', to produce the 'medicine', without licensing or regulation. But once it was 'deregulated' to the point it was legal to sell for recreational use, the state suddenly started regulating every aspect of its production?*

    That's not even to mention the fact that even though the ENORMOUS costs and risks associated with selling illegal pot are now pretty much gone, these legal pot dealers are still charging pretty much the same prices as before! That's called greedy, vulgar profiteering!

    There's another video of pot producers "bitching" about the "inconvenience" of having to physically transport tens of thousands of $$ in cash to deposit in banks who accept pot profits. Isn't your heart bleeding that YOU dont make HUGE quantities of cash, and have to drive it to a f**king bank every few days?? Although I'm ok with pot legalization, I HATE the unjustified vulgar profiteering, the fact that only people who already have money & connections can take part, and the new pot dealer's incessant bitching about the whole thing! Go buy your Ferrari and your mansions, and f**k off already douchebags!

  4. Why on earth is marijuana scheduled higher than cocaine, meth and ket, what!?

  5. if the golden leaf burns down then every one around will be high for a long time…

  6. Interesting info. Also, I'm sure that tobacco isn't regulated that fully……
    No doubt, the research going into medicinal components of the Cannibus plant is a good thing.

  7. Just curious what is more addictive and damaging, smartphones with their addictive anti social networks or marihuana?

  8. Well, I just discovered this channel and was considering making a donation because I thought it had some merit amongst the similar channels because it didn't edit out a lot of its failures. That is, until I saw this video and realized the apparently above average failure rate was maybe caused buy the logic applied to doing this video.
    Some simple facts,
    1) you do not "make" Marijuana, you watch it grow itself with or without your help. So what does it have to do with the theme of your channel?….. nothing.
    2) Just because something such as using or extracting a drug from a plant for recreational use is legal in some way, in some places… it does not make it a good or responsible thing to promote in any way, in any place.
    3) Drugs for mere recreational use is never a good thing to do or bring positive attention to.
    4) Instead of a donation, I now will probably not visit this channel again.
    5) If something being legal in some places it was "formerly" not legal, even though the thing itself is not a very wise, ethical or smart thing to do, is enough of a reason to do a video on it in a positive light or neutral light… why not visit ISIS held territory and do a positive or neutral video about the female slave trade that they have legalize in their territories? Or, with a little deeper thought, does it stand to reason that with some things like recreational drug use and slave trading that there really is no logical or beneficial reason to do it, condone it or promote it in a favorable or neutral light in the end such as you have done no matter whether it is legal in some area or not.
    6) None of the supposed "facts" stated in the video are true except the fact of public opinion in some areas and its voters. There is no legitimate scientific evidence as "fact" that recreational drugs, marijuana in specific, is harmless, a good choice between crack or no recreational drugs at all… or that is has, "never killed anyone". Quite to the contrary.
    7) There will probably be some future comment to tell me how wrong I am about Facts 1 through 6….. Save your energy.

  9. So what happened to helping the community and schools with all the money made? Why am I paying $800 for a studio in the worst part of town where people are murdered and drug dealers everywhere? Why are schools in co being forced to have 4 day weeks? Oh that's right, you're all liar upper middle class faggot criminal thieves. MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I still and will always think drugs are disgraceful to use and abuse. It screws with your brain. I just lost a bunch of my friend to this shit and it’s illegal here. All I can say is if you overdoes and die from any drug you had it coming. Have fun six feet under.

  11. Oh man, that is an awesome store! Sad that we in germany wont have something like this in the next few decades. Our government says (and I quote): Marijuana is illegal, because it's a drug.
    That is exactly what the national representer in matter of drugs said on camera. The abuse of the drug, especially in a young age, can be very dangerous. But even in that point, I can't understand why a 16 year old is allowed to consume beer and wine on masses, but if he smokes one Joint hes a criminal. Logic is a rare gift in this twisted world!

  12. The U.S. Government makes Billions per year in the illegal drug trade themselves.

  13. please edit your videos so that dialogue isn't so choppy. Though in this case, i'm gonna assume that those two people were probably blazed AF so the video would have been at least three times longer…

  14. Man how did a YouTuber get that dope ass crane shot near the end over the store? A drone?

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