Everything you need to know about Cannabis in India

Tech2’s resident internetwali Nandini Yadav attended one of the most interesting events of the year, where India’s lawyers, doctors and scientists got together to …

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  1. This is what I call an educated and smart India , The only reason our country has gone to shit is because of uneducated stereotypical people

  2. It gives concentration to do maditation and get spiritual power.
    After smoking Marijuana it effects your third eye to stimulate and you ear every tiny sounds, & your eyes becomes sharper.
    It activities your mind to work on firepower.

  3. Legal weed now modi its in ancient cultures u visit kedarnath u know better

  4. Future superpower country illegalising cannabis bcoz the superpower told so🤣🤣can't u make ur own decisions

  5. Without a disbelieve since the day I smoked my first joint LEGALIZE Canabis in India its high time. Educate before you indulge, get educated before you indulge. I hope we open the door by taking example of Colorado which generated so much Revenue by legalizing it. THC and CBD should be prescribed as per condition. Make it recreational and Tax marijuana rather than confiscating it for destruction.

  6. if u legalise it government will lose their money from selling alchohol .. its all business .. its not at all humane or democratic.. its brainwashing

  7. Is cheap medicine and good, that's why big medicine companies scared about the raise of medical marijuana.

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