Episode 1: Why Legalize Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit substance in Canada. In 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize the non-medical use of …

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  1. This is purely a MONEY game, if you got it then you can grow and sell. Spectrum is selling garbage and has gobbled up good producers who were doing a great job in Ontario. The street weed is BETTER if you know who to get it from because this Gov. weed is GARBAGE with exception to the oils -maybe(cbd) Afer over 3 yrs giving Doctors and the Gov. my info on usage Im disgusted with the system it is DESPICABLE. As long as all these so-called specialists and pros make their millions FIRST and the Justice system get their cuts the money is where? NOW? A corrupt GOv. can NOT handle the huge problems occurring NOW because the seeds and products are really just GARBAGE. Off to my dealer FUCK GOV. canibus just like tobacco and booze they have ruined it all. GROW YOUR OWN~

  2. I smoke pot all the time I think it's the stupidest thing the government has ever done they are assholes or just after the tax money and also just makes Canada which is already the laughing stock of the world make us talk even more week and in economic collapse because of Jihadi Justin Trudeau running our country he is a bigot Thief and a murderer

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