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Dr. Oz Petitions the U.S. Government to Study Medical Marijuana

Dr. Oz explains why the U.S. government should study medical marijuana as a solution for chronic pain. You can sign the petition here: …

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  1. I've always loved watching and listening to your ideas and opinions as a doctor but this video is the reason I have subscribed to the channel today!!! Great job on being open-minded and listening to scientific research

  2. It helped me an Jesus Christ was my number one Jesus said to watch out for this that government would fo this Jesus Christ predicted about probation an look it happens with pot a plant God said in genises that all seed baring erbs are good an weed is a erb right so they saying God made an imperfect plant that he says is Good hummmmmmm something doesn't add up here Jesus said the government would make what's good for you bad an what's bad for you Good.

  3. its going to take everyone CALLING THE WHITE HOUSE AND CONRESS to say ENOUGH! PASS it……. and also ALLOW DOCS and researchers TO DO OPEN TESTING!

  4. Is Medical Marijuana really going to evolve as an effective business in the future?

    Check out the Top 10 facts to grasp the Business potential of this "wonder drug".

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  5. The federal government also allows alcohol to be legal which we know is cancer causing.

    Studies have proven it reduces inflammation and reduces seizures in epilepticss

  6. I have crohns disease and medical marijuana helps reduce my bowel inflammation, eliminates nausea, and improves appetite and works better than the medications I was prescribed.

  7. Hi I would like to see men of yourself dr with compassion for others and understanding of public mental and physical health and preservation of basic human civil rights.thank you.

  8. I think everyone already knows how good it is and how the government lied to us

  9. I started medical marijuana for my debilitating anxiety. I am also Asperger’s. Marijuana has changed my life for the better; words or logic cannot explain…

  10. Alcohol and tobacco are around 114 times more dangerous than cannabis.
    Tobacco and alcohol are killers in a long-term matter. (liver, heart, brain…)
    Alcohol misuse can lead to death (overdose, alcohol + drugs and prescription meds, drunk n' drive etc.)

    Cannabis also has its downsides. In worst case it can be a quick killer. In case you have certain occult diseases cannabis effects might be dangerous. If you have ie. a coronary artery disease or structural abnormalities in veins, cannabis can kill you. Cannabis can also cause psychosis prematurely. Cannabis can also cause testicle cancer, leukemia etc. (read the new studies) (oh and remember that different types of cannabinoids have different kind of effects)

    Cannabis may have many good effects and be not even close to the harms of tobacco and alcohol, but it still has its own downsides, even though it's "healthier" than alcohol or tobacco. So it's up to you do you wanna risk your life or believe the eulogizing declarations where the downsides are usually denied or bypassed. In most cases cannabis is safe though, yet you still play Russian roulette with a revolver equipped with a cylinder of 114 chambers and one bullet with your name on it. You might have an unlucky spin but fortunatelly the gun doesn't always point to your head.

    Another downside is the costs: healthcare costs, lost productivity costs, criminal justice costs and other direct costs. It can be tens of millions dollars per year in a single country. Legalizing it would reduce a little the costs.

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