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Dog Cat PET Cured of Cancer 2019 cannabis oil b17

DOG HEALED FROM CANCER NATURAL CANCER TREATMENT Cannabis Saved My Dog cat cancer b17 Dog Cat cancer treatment amygdalin B17 Healing …

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  1. my little cousin was diagnosed of cancer and all hope was lost, I personally gave up on the situation, I searched for solutions and got none, until I contacted Dr Emuan and he prepared a herbal medicine for him of which he took for two weeks and now he is cancer free,his hair is growing back, you can contact him via [email protected] or whatsap via +23408112308346

  2. As long as you keep listening to everything on YouTube or listed as "testimony" you will continue to be the most entertaining channel on YouTube.

  3. We put dried cannabis on our dog's food in the morning. The leaf and bud cut up. I'm hoping it's as good as the concentrated oil form. There is a product called "Happy Hempies" for dogs that has cannabis in it and my dogs liked the free sample (see at Happy At least dogs can get some of it that way. Might have a good amount in it.

  4. I was reading today about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide also fighting cancer. I think its similar in action to alkaline water to deal with the acidity. I do think we have to change diet in addition to really cure it. I would do ketosis and confirm I am in ketosis and then also try the hydrogen peroxide. There is a book one minute miracle that has the dosages and usage

  5. Great Work CN!!! David Noakes in the UK created GC-Maf an immune rebooter that cured Cancer and helped amazingly with Autism!!! He even gave some away for free, but he has just been demonised in London courts, including Not having the Relevant License ETC, given a 15 Month Prison Sentence and ALL samples of GC-Maf to be Destroyed!!! Genociding OUR Future Children!!!

  6. My cat is 13.. She's very spry and healthy, but I might just get her going on some of this stuff for preventative measure..

  7. You can also look up "DCA" powder. 9 mg's per body weight, you need a scale to measure. Dissolve in a little water/ eye dropper (10lbs = 90mg's / 100 lbs = 900 mg's per day) my cat was very sick, now back to normal. 6 months now. Amazon sells it. (+)

  8. I should tell my neglectful step mom this. she is very much lazy and over all just wants our pets dead. I would call the ASPCA or some animal agency but I would get screwed over in the end. maybe I will when I move out in a week.

  9. R.S.O RICK SIMPSON OIL EVERYONE… my friend had a tumour on his chest and it was 2” big and within 2 months it was entirely gone. No joke

  10. Alkaline water increases the chance of bacteria, this is a joke. there has been a push for people to drink it so they get ill.

  11. To try this is to have a pet rat. They are for some reason to develop some type of cancer.

  12. WOW … so awesome! But, if people would feed their pets REAL FOOD in the first place, instead of manufactured, toxic pet food crap … they wouldn't get cancer. All animals should eat fresh food from the earth … and dogs and cats should eat raw meat. No animal in the wild cooks its meat or any food before it eats it. When I switched my dog to an all raw food diet (raw veggies, raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds, raw greens, and raw meat) his health improved TREMENDOUSLY, and he literally grew younger! It was so AMAZING!! One time I took him for a walk to the park, and someone asked me how old my dog was … I said "9 years old" … and the person replied back, "Wow, he looks so young!" Same thing happens to people too when they stop eating dead, lifeless crap, and start eating fresh, LIVING food full of life and energy and lots of nutrition. 😀

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