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Does Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer?

On a puff-by-puff basis, cannabis smoke deposits four times more tar in the lungs than tobacco, but does this translate into increased cancer risk? Subscribe to …

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  1. Yesss mother fuckers is bad hahahahaha people smoke weed they will diee hhahaha

  2. I smoked weed for 10 years. Im 24. Just quit because I ain't trying to get lung complicationd. Not enough studies for me to risk my health. Meet a guy who ended up getting his left lung removed because he was a heavy tabacco smoker and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Open my eyes. Only smoked tobacco rarely. Ive probably done less it less than 100 times in my life. Never again.

  3. Well the fist thing is: everything that you smoke is cancerous because you burn it

  4. So basically smoke joints, bongs or glass pipes. Don’t smoke blunts cuz that’s just wrapping ur weed in tar.

  5. Yes people get cancer constantly from marijuana something the pot community don't talk about. A guy my dad knew literally got tumors all throughout his lungs why? Because he smoked pot for years he end up dying at a young age. It's a reality pot community don't speak on. Just as you can smoke to much like I did long ago fell in floor in a coma state pure buds not contaminated. Though no longer smoke as wasn't a big smoker my friends were. Anyway when I smoked to much fell on the floor completely sick. In a coma like state couldn't move couldn't speak. Heart wasn't beating normal at all. And hardly could breathe I was left alone for like 15-20 mins one of the scariest times in my life. Anyway yes people can OD on it also doesn't from it or have your life ruined by it whether prison, death, sickness. Making it your idol or God not keeping your temple for God clean meaning your body. I can continue though sadly most don't wanna accept Christ as Lord turning from other false God's( idols like drugs drinking)

  6. Everyone I know that smoked pot along with cigs never got cancer…but if they didn't smoke pot the cigs got them!!!

  7. So no mention of the function of nicotine? Last article I read linked it to lung cancer through inhibition apoptosis, our natural defense against cancer. Our cells are programmed to commit suicide when they sense the genetics and division mechanism is breaking down so that precancerous cells are eliminated before they can start up with the uncontrolled division that becomes such a problem and this is why nicotine is like miracle grow for cancer.

  8. Misleading title. Marijuana does not cause lung cancer. Smoking marijuana (like smoking tobacco or eating burnt toast) can cause cancer. Using hemp extracts or CBD in the right way can lead to many benefits in people who could really just do with some help but when there is none available. The failure to recognise that context and dose are paramount to any effects (beneficial or harmful) from drugs is what causes a lot of misunderstanding. 

    Can I just say that I do enjoy your videos but this topic really needs some serious transparent discussion.

    I'm a toxicologist and here's the opposite side of the story:

  9. It does not give you cancer I know so many ppl that do it and they’re healthy as a horse. My gym where I live owner of the gym uses it and he’s completely healthy. And all these people that have been doing it for years and doctors always tell them they’re just fine and healthy!

  10. If most of us all die before 85 than we can confirm we will die no matter what people act like weed will make you live longer. Or preserve infinite life. Idiot

  11. I Been Smoking Weed Since I Was 10 I'm 27 Years Now.. Fuck That Propaganda About Being Worse Than Tobacco Or Being A Gateway Drug Cuz That's All Alcohol.. Never Thought Of Doing Cocaine When I Was Smoking Can't Say The Same When I Did A Line When Drunk AF.

  12. the only thing you got wrong is holding in the smoke. I dont hold it in and i still get my desired effects

  13. I keep hearing stories of how people use cannabis to get more creative and do stuff. When when I smoke, regardless if its indica or sativa, all i wanna do is sit on the coach and eat chips. I get so tired and feel super lethargic the next day 🙁

  14. This video is in (and has been for a long time) my "watch later" list so I'll watch it later.

  15. very biased story, i can tell you, my wife used nothing but infused cannabis oil and she has been cancer free for 5 years. There are no real studies because as long as Cannabis is scheduled one, it cannot actually be studied in America.. but hey, just like they only give partial facts on SMOKING Cannabis, never anything on infused food products. they are trying to keep you brainwashed and stupid. this author should be ashamed.

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