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Does CBD oil have THC in it?

Many truck drivers wonder; does cbd oil have thc in it? And can cbd oil make you high? Many people, including truckers, are buying Cannabis oil, hemp oil, and …

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  1. @9:12: for the record, I DO NOT have an aunt who uses the crystal light lol. It was a girl I worked with one time who turned me into it and stated her aunt told her about it. Thanks for watching! DPT

  2. im tired of all of this bullshit. if a driver can legally, off duty get so hammered on booze he or she cant even walk or talk, yet we cant legally go home and just get a slight THC buzz, something aint right here. alcohol is far more dangerous, addictive, toxic, and deadly; yet it gets a free pass….. go ahead, go home and get completely "bombed", its almost encouraged. if someone is talking at the milk plant where i make deliveries, i comment something to effect that i dont drink. cant count how many times i was told i should start……. no i should not. its no damned good. otherwise good men beat wives they otherwise love over booze. bar fights start with drunks. the only thing someone wants to do when high is destroy a bag of junk food

    i dont do either, but the minute marijuana becomes federally legal, im talking a day off and im getting buzzed LOL

  3. My policy is I do not use any product because in my state Marijuana and related products are legal to use but for this reason and others even if a doctor wants to proscribe it , I say no period just because of the above example.

  4. If you have a legitimate need just research the brand and you’ll be fine. I don’t have a need yet but I’m sure if I’m around in 15 or 20 years my old ass will🤷‍♂️🤣😂

  5. I've been using CBD OIL for the last several months and its been life changing.
    But I'm also Not a Dumb Ass and I made sure the ones I use have ZERO PERCENT THC as well as I've taken home drug tests just to make sure

  6. Thc only stays in your blood for 24-48 hrs but the body breaks it down into "metabolites." Metabolites are what these test are looking for as they stay in your system longer than thc. This is what lingers for months. Not thc.

  7. I always wondered if you worked at Swift, because you say some really stupid stuff.
    CBD oils dont have THC, that guy that got douped is just a lame brain.
    I got a suggestion, pay attention , go get a home drug test kit.
    A RICO statue is in criminal cases brought by the Feds

  8. No that's why its legal- here's a better question- I'm not trying to be an ass hole – widdle me this why do I see so meany foreigners driving semi trucks- were and why don't Americans have those jobs – I'm sure a requirement is to be able to speak English- second please tell truck drivers foreigners they can not operate in commerce aka driving with flip flops on – that's crazy

  9. That little fucking screen he's talking on lmfaooo 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  10. I was coming down off of some very potent prescription drugs after surgery and I can honestly say got a bowl of medical marijuana did save my life over the course of three days. The withdrawals from the potent prescription drugs we're so horrific that one of my pothead Neighbors who grows medical marijuana in the big city came into my house and said hey man I know for a fact you ain't doing so help never did I know you're not into it but you've got to do it might save your life and it really did.

  11. I’m a driver and never trusted cabs companies fir this reason. Too many low budget operations and not enough oversight…

  12. It does if you use the full spectrum. You will fail your drug test. You must use isolate which contains no thc.

  13. You MUST use ISOLATE CBD OIL….Certified THC FREE with 3rd party lab testing…..I am in the CBD market/industry also….I have had two random piss tests since taking ISOLATE CBD OIL….not one problem.

  14. Isn't it something you can get shit face drunk and drive a truck 8hrs later but if you smoke a joint on your day off you can get fired

  15. DREAD..!!!!!! It just shows the lack of education from the public who still thinks marijuana is a “gateway drug”
    The gateway drugs are tobacco and alcohol

  16. If it really does show up on the test. How long does it stay in your system?

  17. :^ l … So anyway… The tankers that were blasted at the Gulf of Oman was a false flag.

  18. But yet if he had drank a 24 pack of beer the day before he'd be fine…

  19. Twice the limit come on he's been smoking like a broke stove and blaming it someone else

  20. Those drivers are lying. They are saying they are using CBD but they're really using the real shit.

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