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DIY Co2 system for cannabis

Hi, Didn’t take long, already had the water and sugar. All I bought was the blue hose and three packs of yeast. Drilled 3 holes and …

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  1. waste of time and money. no homegrower pushes their plants hard enough to benefit from co2 enhancement. do you even have any idea how much more co2 that your setup is adding to the environment?

    unless your DLI is above 60 or your average canopy ppfd is over 1000, your plants will not benefit from any extra co2 that this method might produce.

  2. I did this right after my second defoliation 3 weeks into flower plus water post clipping and I can see a reaction for sure. Honestly it was 1.50 spent on a jug of water, yeast, and sugar. Why not right?

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