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DIY: Best HomeMade LED Cannabis GrowLight 2019- under $10

2019 How To Make Your Own Best Cannabis LED GrowLight At Home! DIY Giveaway: …

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  1. Man, hope your house hasn`t been on fire yet with such a electric installation.

  2. This awesome DIY fam, nice and easy . Cheerz fam good shit stay growen stay medicated cheerz 🤙🔥🔥💯

  3. Alright.. I just got to the 30 second mark of the video, and I am now getting up to roll something before I watch the rest of the video haha catch you in 20… hopefully.

  4. Orderd everything was about 50$ with shipping on Amazon plus bonus got hooked up with 20 lights instead of 10 for some reason gonna wire it up today

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