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Differences Between Inground Weed Grow and Smart Pots

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  1. Not the best comparison smart pots in full sun pre amended super soil cover crop pretty much all they need vs plants in ground in the shaded woods with a probably quite acidic soil unless u dug a hole and added your own soil for sure the smart pots will out proform everything elts

  2. Looking good brother..
    Much love and appreciation from Da Homie Gnomie..
    Come check me out..

  3. The node spacing Is greater on the in-ground plants probably because they are receiving less light. They tend to stretch, looking for light.

  4. Try different techniques of super cropping. Lst top fim training, etc. Certain plants do good with certain techniques.

  5. I fucking hate smart pots w a passion. And those metal fences around the plant. Both limts the growth and health very very drastically. Were to beggin and were do i end why never should you smart pot or fence your plant.

    But on the other subject, i do beleive having your plant at the optimal temperature is better then full blown sun. As long as it gets some lighting through out the day. Keeping it in the shade is a plus. Just boost it w fertilizer to fill it w nutreints its missing from not being able to get qaulity lighting. Itll grow just fine if not better

  6. You can also cut the bottom off the bucket bury it and put your mix in it and let the roots run

  7. For 1 them buckets are penatrated by the sun paint them,2 you should of drilled a bunch of holes all over that bucket you get same airation

  8. Love the lst and the setup for your netting. Imo tho you need to have topped at least three times before spreading her under the net. Good luck . Love all the test s great content. Edit only use super cropping ear to the end of veg when you have branches over taking the canopy.

  9. Ur 100% right. But smart pots are a waste of $$ and a 5 gallon bucket w no bottom will do the same. Keeps the roots in a nice ball and once past the bucket she can leach out and get huge. Bury the bucket so u have 3 to 4 inches of it out of the ground. U can use whatever soil u want. Happy growing.

  10. I'm surprised the deer haven't ate them yet if you want to see them get better cut some trees down

  11. Too top top or bend towards north like weed school videos for higher yeild

  12. If you put the same on the ones in ground and get them more sun. They will blow the pots away

  13. Drill a bunch of holes in your 5 gallon buckets and you will get the same affect as the smart pots.

  14. You Have A Perfect Woods In The Back Wish I Had A Woods In My Backyard You Can Grow Trees Back There Lol

  15. Ive been watching Mendo dope for a few Years now luring everyday how to maximize my yield

  16. Put a bamboo stick at 90degress tie down the plant has it grows and put cages to train and support top always the top colas let the bottom catch up with that beautiful landscape I’ll have tresss with pineapples growing weed is my passion i do it with love

  17. Put a bamboo stick and bend plant to 45 angle facing north allowing lil braches to catch up with main

  18. Your doing great for your 2nd year . Next you should try Kratky that's what Ill be trying this year , good luck

  19. I just pinch the top 3 different times then let her grow works great. Nice garden guy thanks

  20. 🎯🦊🌺Your video is so beautiful. 🎵🎶❤ my friend.👍👍👍❤❤❤

  21. I am using smart pots this go around because I wanted to take advantage of all the pros, but I have such a busy life that its hard to keep up with the watering….Thinking about using the pot next time. Yours look great!

  22. If u have enough bottom nodes lst em…buuuut if u need more shoots then top em first so the inner growth comes out and then lst the new tops so the will be huge….LOOKING GOOD GHEE

  23. you start indoors first under lights right? my growing season doesn't have enough time for my ladies to outgrow the 5g smart pots. What are those monsters, 20g? Maybe I'll try a big fat smart pot this year, my pineapple chunk is growing like crazy so maybe I can get it past a 5g

  24. Need to water it a lot more than a little more often lol.
    I added 10% vermiculite to my soil and I still dry out a 7 gal in a day and a half lol.
    One of the disadvantages of fabrics

  25. Looking good brother.
    My indoor grow on my channel is starting to bud. I’m impressed by the cheap lights so far.

  26. Really nice gardens bro. Back in the day people grew under trees to conceal from cops. Keep growing!

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