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DEA says marijuana vaping has health risks

DEA says marijuana vaping has health risks.

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  1. The products on that table and the clips of people vaping in this video have about as much to do with THC cartridges as Iraq had to do with 9/11… but you'll run this shit anyway, subliminally connecting the two in the minds of people who have nothing to do with the topic. Great job ABC 10! Very responsible of you!

  2. Guess what's going to happen when they ban flavors. People are gonna buy it off the streets which is not going to fix the problem. More people will get sick and kids still will get their vapes. You think a ban is going to stop this "epidemic"?
    Just regulate it properly like in Europe.
    There are no deaths or "illnesses" here. I wonder why… Oh yeah, because Europe has proper regulations and quality control.

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