Daily Use Of High Potency Marijuana Linked To Higher Rates Of Psychosis, Study Finds. – 2019

Daily cannabis use, especially of the high potency strains, is linked to an increased risk of developing psychosis, according to new research released Tuesday.

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  1. Daily Use Of High Potency Marijuana Linked
    To Higher Rates Of Psychosis, Study Finds

  2. As soon as you said, "High THC, also know as skunk-like cannabis you lost me. 1. Skunk is a fkn strain man. Skunk can be low potency or high. In the 90's most of the low quality crap we got was skunk. Fast forward 20 years and I try a skunk from a dispensary and it blew my socks off. 2. There is no such thing as cannabis with 60% thc. Even hash only has about 40%. To reach 60%+ it needs to be an extract like rosin or shatter. 3. Correlation does not equal causation. How do we know these people weren't schizophrenic and cannabis was the trigger that set it off? If you have schizophrenia you will develop symptoms at some point. It is often stressful life circumstances. So at the worst Cannabis brings about the Schizophrenic symptoms faster. I find your take on it simplistic. I think people are finding illusory correlations here.

  3. None of these so called experts say anything about the link between not getting enough sleep and psychosis why is that?

  4. I don't understand how they can quantity thc levels of the cannibus the people are smoking. It sounds like they're just taking the patients word for it after the psychotic episode. Too many variables

  5. This video is pretty stupid fr. 67% THC doesn't exist. Not with normal bud. That's some dab or wax shit

  6. and london doest smoke GAS or really good weed tehy smoke fuckin spice which causes INSANITY and mad psychosis.. do your research dude.. seriously

  7. mental psychosis caused by pot in brazil? you sure its not brazil causing brazil to have psychosis…they are in a fuckin warzone flooded with drugs and cartels…i think pot is the least of there paranoia.

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