Cuomo Admits Legalizing Marijuana Not Likely

Gov. Cuomo admitted his plan to legalize marijuana is not likely to pass the legislature this year.

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  1. Cuomo gets what he wants. If he wanted legal weed he would push for it and get it. He stole legalization as a platform from Nixon and as soon as he got re-elected he forgot about it. NY can work together to legalize killing fetuses that are VIABLE OUTSIDE OF THE WOMB, but can't legalize cannabis. Liberal morality on display.

  2. There is jobs to be had and money this country desperately needs.
    Let us decide!!!!

  3. So they all agree on legalization but can't agree who get the money from it. Bunch of greedy bastards. Im voting against anyone not supporting this. How does Cuomo keep getting elected?

  4. Need to keep arresting people for the monthly quota. Can't make a cop's job harder.

  5. Como knew all along he does not have the support but the Black and Hispanic that a heavy pot smokers yes there's white people that do it too but the black people love it and the Spanish people love it that's why it's more of you imprisoned cuz you don't know how to follow the law so he's going to use it for the next push did try to get reelected to say that he's going to give it to you next time you ain't getting it next time you don't have the support we're not legalizing drugs

  6. We don't need the key 96 zombie we thank you we don't need your controlling drugs we don't need any of that we see through your plan you try to legalize marijuana and then put the k-96 in it which would basically dope up the country heavily medicated received through your plan just like the movie They Live we see you would like nothing better to send you a message of consume obey

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