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Could You Be Allergic to CBD Oil & Medical Marijuana?

COULD YOU BE ALLERGIC TO CBD OIL & MEDICAL MARIJUANA? // If you’re wondering “can I be allergic to CBD Oil or Medical Marijuana?” or “what are CBD …

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  2. Many people already have compromised immune systems due to a multitude of environmental toxins (which are the Elephant in the disease causations room) that even end up on food products and consumables. The other factor most likely to cause negative (bad) reactions, are most probable man-made ingredient(s) either used in the vape material manufacturing process, or some chemicals (such as fungicides, pesticides, herbicides) used on the plant materials somewhere in the process (seed to harvest to storage). The state tests do not list/disclose all of the chemicals that have been used. Furthermore, I was trying to determine if Growers spray any wax-like substance (similar to what's used mostly on certain fruits, or mixed with something else) any time during growth, after harvest, or especially for storage in order to preserve and keep the dry plant from breaking apart during movement/handling/shipping?

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