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CorrieYelland A Cannabis Oil Cured Cancer Testimonial Каннабис Марихуана лечит рак

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  1. My father was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, and we tried various treatments from Chemo to Radiation which all proved futile hence resources and time was wasted, yet frustrated without hope  surfing the internet I found on phoenix that  cannabis oil can cure all Cancer, discovered by Mr. Simpson I tried to look for a way to get the Rick Simpson Oil and finally a friend of mine helped via email:[email protected] told me how to reach him and get the oil, I was able to email him and bought the oil, my father started taking it on 12th January and glory be to God he was healed in April after his last scan would want to thank Mr. Simpson for the time he spent in getting this oil to save lives his email is :[email protected] the oil works for all type of cancer and it is worth it

  2. It's best not to bother her.  Hundreds… if not thousands of people have been demanding her time, and it's just too much for her… or anyone!  Besides, you don't need her.  You can make the medicine yourself… or find some friends to help you.  That's what she did, and you can, too.  Good luck!  You can do it.

  3. She does NOT RESPOND! I've sent several messages to her via Facebook and got zero.
    Time is of the essence and she is non-existent. 

  4. On Rick Simpson's Facbook page, it was said that this video is supposed to have Russian subtitles, but there aren't any here, nor an option to enable them…:
    Where may one find a version with the subtitles?

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