Convert CBD to THC

Travis Turner, CEO, HZB and Noah Cook, President, HZB LA, talk about converting CBD to THC and the implications of the farm bill combined with the tens of …

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  1. You can fuck with it all you like but I will always be a flower guy… one love

  2. Hi! I live in France where THC weed is illegal but we have CBD flowers…from industrial hemp…most of the outdoor taste and smell like hay but recently there is indoor who taste and smell like weed should…it is pleasant to smoke!
    I am not sure I get everything but if they really know a way to transform CBD into THC and if it is doable at home…well they gonna make huge money here in Europe as long as THC will remain illegal…and I would love to make a partnership with them!
    I hope you will keep an eye on it!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France growers family

  3. Only matters to people trying to make money off it. As a smoker I don't want converted distillate garbage I want real thc9. These clowns are hotdog water hustlers. Go green or go greed?!

  4. CBD becomes THC late in the flowers lifespan…just let the flower bloom longer…As well, a CBD flower will become a THC plant the longer the genetics can hybridize…this occurs naturally in nature…you guys are in for the big money grab, step away from the lab, you're playing with fire, let the plant do what it does naturally…btw, if you harvest early, your flower is mostly CBD…

  5. Brilliant info!

    Robots planting hemp/cannabis…Robots take harvest to 3d printers…Humans get needs/wants…For free…Forever…

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