Growing Cannabis


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  1. Do you have a print out of materials and feeding schedules? This video is epic and looks like great "must follow" video

  2. Loving it…i need to follow you step by step…so far on my second go around still figuring things out.

  3. Oh wow .you know what you're doing ,for sure. You make it look so easy.wish we were neighbors!!!

  4. New sub here, and new fan! what a great vid, I hope to start growing soon, I live in a legal state and can grow up to 4.

  5. I learn so much watching your videos. You put so much love into your plants, your hobby and your videos and I appreciate that a lot! Thanks 😁

  6. ive seen some grow videos but this one helped me the most thank you man

  7. day 21 of flowering, you say you are watering daily, is that watering until runoff? or just light watering to get the top wet

  8. By far my favorite how to video. All the other ones I've found are very ambiguous. This one is very detailed. Thank you so much! I'm trying to learn all I can before I grow my first plant. You've got yourself a new subscriber!

  9. wow insane yield and quality. question. when you topped the 2nd time. Did you top the same two main stems from the original top? or did you top the side. branches that caught up?

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