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Cloning & Mother Plants – How to Clone Cannabis Guide

Today on Lex’s World I teach you guys the basics (and a couple advanced tips) for cloning your best genetics! All mentioned Grow Gear (T5s, rooting hormones, …

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  1. Hey Lex you are absolutely the most scientific and true grower, always choose your channel. thanks

  2. Do us all a favor and use a better camera! My god man! Sorry, it was YouTube messing with your video, it did finally clear up!

  3. I'm happy I found your videos man! Been looking for more quality content and you got it!

  4. Man i Love you, u are the most helpful Youtuber in this topic

  5. Hey Lex, is it possible for a female plant to turn male because of over pruning. I have not read of anything about this. Two sales clerks at a pot store mentioned it to me.

  6. Hey Lex. My friend asked me a question about cloning. Do you lose potency over time by cloning? For instants if I have a mother and I take a clone and make another mother from that. Because itโ€™s getting too big etc. for the house

  7. My favorite channel for learning just happens to put out a video on cloning the day before I need to cut my first clones. This was serendipitous. Thanks @lexblazer

  8. Thanks Lex I watch all your videos I learned so much I used a blue gel 4 cloning kept killing my clones probably to much chemicals. Would love 2 win ur light giveaway.

  9. Awesome video Lex, loved the topic, definitely explains why all the clones that I saw had leaves cut in half!

  10. Hey lex my plant had new leaves coming in but they died from what I believe was heat stress they withered and broke off yesterday what should I do to make sure it will regrow those leaves?

  11. I clone with prity good secses but always looking for info to make my self better great info thanks

  12. Thanks for the tips! We are learning how to clone on our farm right now.

  13. Where is thing in the world is to go outside and find that your girls turned out to be guys๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. How do you compare cloning from simply growing from seed, I tried cloning lol but that didn't go well so I stuck to the old stand by but I do plan on a mother in the future. I do dwc and get a full vegged plant for the blooming room in one month for a 2 foot plant. I have managed to find a great seed supplier and can honestly say I get 90% success rate and the genetic diversity is minor if noticeable at all. I do not do loly popping or any form of cropping or lst and keep it simple, I use a p600 platinum led for cloning and I keep it at the same height as the plant grows to it. Love seeing how you do, would you do a dwc mother in my situation? I did one once and its size was just unmanageable and i felt like i was wasting my time. Perhaps a dirt or peat substrate would be best for a mother. Great show as always.

  15. I thought mine was a male in preflower , so i decided to clone some clippings , just for practice , because i never really did clones , it turns out that I acted to soon , the male was a female , so no i got a few clones of it ๐Ÿ™‚ …. I learned two things , water bottle cloning , and not to act to fast in preflower , patience is golden , Good videos Lex Blazer { That's a chronic super hero name } , lol

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