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Chronic Pain Sufferers Say They’re Being Harmed By Opioid Crackdown | NBC Nightly News

As the U.S. seeks to curb the deadly opioid epidemic across the country, many of the estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain say they can’t …

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  1. As a Veteran suffering chronic pain, I was forced off my pain meds a few months ago, and told to think positive thoughts, and the doctor actually told me that pain killers make ur pain worse and that they aren't used to treat chronic pain…..

  2. Having surgeries that did no good and in some cases made it worse

    We need to be heard!!!!!

  3. that's friggin great and I live on ice in an easychair……thanks guys being dead while you're alive….great fun.

  4. I had failed back surgery.  Opiods saved my life.  The Gov't or CDC should not hurt those that really need it.  I suffer every day.

  5. I have chronic pain due to degenerative disk disease and bad knees and have been seeing pain management doctors for excellent treatments and medication since 1994, and the older I get, the worse my back and knees becomes with age. Back in those days, they were not under the gun by the DEA and CDC like it is now. I started noticing the changes after 2010 when it comes to doctors prescribing pain medications. One quit due to the harassment of the DEA and was fed up, and now my most current pain management doctor said he is quitting too for the same reason, even though they are not doing anything illegal. To the DEA, we are all bad people and need to watched. It is sad. I don't know what I will do if I can no longer get the treatments I have been getting all those years and was grateful for those treatments and pain medication that get me through each day. I always dreaded the day may come when I no longer can see a good pain management doctor. They are becoming fewer and fewer due to the governments harassment of them and new doctors don't want that hassle either, so they are not going into the pain management field. If anyone gets "Consumers Reports", they are on the anti-pain killer band wagon, and have been for years.. The June 2019 issue was on chronic pain and they recommend "Mindfulness" (whatever the heck that means), do yoga, get better sleep, or see a therapist". You gotta to be fricken kidding me! Get better sleep to help rid of the pain? Right, I am in agony and expect to get better sleep? Yoga? I can hardly bend my knees. And for "Mindfulness, right!I i got a "mindful" dealing with my pain! And therapists? They are absolutely useless for chronic pain sufferers. I saw a therapist before I was recommended to a pain management doctor by my first back doctor. Those "Therapists" are almost an insult with their recommendations in dealing with pain. "Go do what you enjoy to ignore the pain!" It is the "pain" that prevents me, and I am sure of other pain sufferers from "enjoying" things in live. Unreal.

  6. The doctors shud choose who is n need,bc people who follow guidelines shud recieve there meds…

    Imagine YOUR worst pain…toothache, childbirth,auto accident, etc…but no pain meds.

  7. It’s honestly so hard. Because I’m young I’m automatically treated like a crackhead when I’m in pain and I cannot take it anymore so I go to the doctor. All they say is it’s an opioid epidemic right now and you’re in the age group to be concerned about. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I just got accepted to a good university and I cannot be excited because I’m scared how I’m gonna deal with my chronic pain

  8. I have decided that I am no longer an organ donor due to decisions this country has made regarding chronic pain suffers. I have lived with chronic pain since 2009 and only had gotten some relief in 2016 when the medication starts getting taken away. Since this country has no interest in my quality of life as a pain suffer, I have no concern who might need an organ or blood since I no longer can get medical treatment without being treated like a junkie.

  9. Thank you, Kate Snow, for taking on the subject matter, in which the vast majority of media outlets have consciously turned a blind eye. As you know, we are real people, millions of us, that all too often are too weak and sick to fight fair with our collective legislative voices. In complete sincerity, I applaud you and your producers for taking the time and effort to share with the public one face that represents an enormous demographic that has been forgotten.

  10. I also want my life back 24/7 on pain, this is inhuman I’m so desperate for help

  11. All I know is I had two broken ribs and other issues. And the first thing I heard is we don’t want to give you Opioids. After the two diagnosis of two broken ribs, I was given a two week supply of Pain Meds. Now , two days and I can’t walk because my bones haven’t fused. So thanks Junkies. All the Politically correct are on your side……not mine

  12. this is absolutely criminal behavior fueled by a govt. propaganda machine designed to make pain sufferers appear criminal…there is no opioid epidemic… never was…yes there are people who abuse these drugs but there are many more people who can lead a normal life with the help of these pain killing medications…once again govt. has played upon the gullibility of the general public to instill fear and control society

  13. This link will hopefully display the Island Packets piece on Beaufort county’s “opioid crisis” suit. I’m 35 and live in this county. I’m an incomplete spinal cord injury and have been since September 30 2010, after the boom section of a crane crushed me, and as if this wasn’t enough, having it laid back down on top of me. So if you could just imagine, as much as your willing to, how mangled I was after being drug out. I need my mobility, independence, and most importantly my moments with my children. My medicine did this for me. Now I don’t know if my doctor is the mentioned John Doe. I do know that after repeated attempts trying to get a reason I was told to shut up and My doctor will do what she wants. Now after four months of trying her requests and her “ not wanting to deal with this right now” when I ask what’s the medical reasoning is I’m told a MMI system is in place as the deciding factor, yet only needing my height,weight, and age; nothing else!? What about my T-11 to L-5 sic or the 20 other breaks rips tears degloving? I’ll leave with this question: I only ask for someone out there to see the underlining issue hear and for help on these issues. 843-290-8079 ask for Matt.

  14. Having had 8 back and neck surgeries, I agree with her so much. It's a daily battle with pain levels that would cause most to go insane. I've been dealing with these issues since Nov80.

  15. In KS the Board of Healing Arts, the regulatory board for Doctors has used the CDC guidelines to mandate that all patients be on a dose of 90 Morphine Milligram Equivilent (MME) and that only pain management doctors can treat intractable pain. We're being forced into procedures which are not sanctioned by the FDA (Epidural Nerve Blocks, Facet Injections, Ablations, etc). Patients are not addicts and shouldn't be treated like them. #patientsnotaddicts

  16. That's why ppl are dying from fyntinal …can't get pain management from ol doc brown now I'm going to get my meds on 8 Mike road from that drug dealer

  17. The VA is all about meditation now. The addicts can meditate in jail, I also want my life back.

  18. "Everybody is running scared" and why is that? it is because NBC and the rest of the media has helped to create a state of fear concerning opiates. This state of fear has been great for law enforcement, lawyers, ect terrible for pain patients and their Doctors. Pain mangement Doctors are leaving the specialty for fear and pain patients are losing their medical treatments and medicines. Opiate pain medications like any other medications should only be used as directed by Doctors but this state of fear has driven patients to the streets where the Drug pushers are not medical Doctors or Pharamcies. You have created this nightmare mess of a situation by ratching up the "Opiate fears" and demonzing patients and their Doctors.

  19. She looks like an addict, but if you know anything about her pain you’ll understanding!

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