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Chronic Pain, CDC Guidelines, and "Unintended" Consequences -Pat Anson CHPodcast 32

Pat Anson of The Pain News Network is our guest today. The Pain News Network is a media outlet that covers the political and personal side of pain.

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  1. If you REALLY want to understand what's going on, you need to understand the meaning of this single word: genocide

  2. Chronic Pain is different. C.P. is a Killer! Chronic Pain takes years off of ur life. Exactly like the lifetime cigarette smoker, & how the accumulative effects of smoking steal years off of your life! It is CRIMINAL to Force Human Beings to Suffer NEEDLESSLY today by withholding Miraculously effective Medicines from legit CP Patients!

  3. Hey, don't let it out but biting on sticks has gotten me thru many a night over the last seventeen years!
    My insurance company has always been interfering in my access to pain medications

  4. I know no one who gets high off Kratom! I'm convinced any reports of recreational users of Kratom are liars and government plants!

  5. Opioid deaths have been proven to be almost entirely suicides! Our broken economy kills more and more each month!

  6. The snap removal of any medication is dangerous! I nearly died from the snap removal of Cymbalta in 2014! Many have died as I have come to understand from snap removal of Cymbalta!

  7. More of us have been broken on the wheel of capitalism!
    We work more hours for less pay!

  8. I’ve have severe chronic pain for most of my life.Approximately 22yrs. ago The pain got so bad I could barely walk sit or stand. My life had changed dramatically. I was diagnosed with severe degenerative disc disease. With in a few years I had five back & two neck operations. I now have severe nerve damage in my lower back, Along with nerve damage in my left & right leg and foot. Because of my neck I have neurological damage in my left arm. I was prescribed fentanyl patches for the pain. A few months ago I was informed that they were going to lower my dose from 100 mg every two days to12.5 mg every three days, which I already knew would not work because that’s where they started me off at and they had no effect. To make the situation even worse they were planning on doing this all within the 10 day period. after about three days I was extremely sick, so I try to go to cold turkey on my own after almost 8 weeks I was still sick and in a lot of pain. I’ve since choice to get the medication I need from the street, which obviously carries its own dangers and concerns.
    All this because of a few articles written in the newspaper and Commentary on Television.
    I never abused or miss used my medication anyway, so I was left with the choice i’m feeling lousy the rest of my life able to do practically nothing including time I only choose I’ll become a criminal and have an uncertain life but one without pain. All of this thanks to a few bureaucrats that have no idea what they’re talking about. Have made my life very difficult, but have made many others who find themselves in the same or similar situation is as difficult if not more so than The one I find myself.

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