CBDfx: Effective and Delicious! 2 CBD Vape Juice Flavors: Gelato or Rainbow Juice?

CBDfx 15% Off Coupon Code: BestDosage ➡️For CBD vape enthusiasts who want to get the perfect amount of pure organic CBD while you vape throughout …

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  1. After watching other videos someone mentioned that the PG in the juice is toxic along with VG which is not toxic. They recommend the juice only have VG. Can you tell me if PG is toxic and if CBDFX carries them in VG only?

  2. the companies themselves say that you are supposed to hold in those hits. whats your opinion on that?

  3. Do you have to use a disposable for this ? I really wanted to get into the cbd juices and I have a smok x priv baby and a resa stick can I still use them ? Or can I mix a drop or two in a 0 mg juice I already have ?

  4. Very good video, thanks for the review. I had pick some of this up the other day. I hope it does me Well.

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