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CBD Oil Side Effects (Does CBD Have Side Effects?)

DOES CBD HAVE SIDE EFFECTS? // Watch this video to find out “does cbd oil cause side effects?” “what side effects does CBD Oil cause?” “what side effects …

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  1. Hi I have been using it for a while and makes me sleepy and tired but I am more relaxed and it has helped me get of cigarettes thanks to God's medicine

  2. I tried contacting you via the email on your website but I don't think it went through. I'm 22, I live in st. Louis, MO where medical marijuana will officially be legal in july. I have numerous medical conditions ( horrible insomnia, hypertension, chronic widespread pain, and chronic nausea from prescription blood pressure/ pain medication. I have a history of stroke so I cannot smoke marijuana and I have other vascular problems, including a renal artery stenosis in my one and only kidney. I've seen some article that indicate cbd oil can interfere with blood pressure medication, to your knowledge would thc edibles be a safe option for me? I would really appreciate any information that you could give me.

  3. I had my dad taking the cbd oil for prostate cancer and the website where he bought it said it can interfere with blood pressure meds. So my dad stopped taking it cause his BP was elevated. I told him it was still worth taking but he wont believe me.What is the strength of the cbd oil you sell?

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