CBD Oil for Migraine Pain | Natural Migraine Relief | Benefits of CBD Oil for Headaches

A MUST Watch if you are dealing with debilitating migraines and headaches! The benefits of CBD oil for migraine relief and migraine prevention is an AMAZING …

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  1. Hey Dr. Melissa
    Hey this is Garrett Olson my wife has had A migraine for 5 days. I do have some cbd I’m going to try. How do I know how much and when? I’m nervous this is the first time using it.

    Can I send u a picture of the bottle I have? Or call me or what?

  2. Dear Dr. Melissa, after one year and a half of misdiagnoses I have lately been diagnosed with Basilar Migraine. I haven't tried any homeopathic remedy yet, just a bunch of medications with riddiculous side effects. I suffer from detachment from reality, lowered eyesight, confusion, dizziness and sometimes headaches. Do you think CBD oil could work for this form of migraine? I'd be happy to buy your Protocol if you thought it could help with my symptoms as well. Thank you !

  3. I was diagnosed with migraines with aura as a teenager, usually acute, but can get chronic under extreme stress, and since graduated in bioscience and put a loooot of personal time into researching this issue.

    What works best for me in preventing attacks (in order of importance) is:
    1. Sleep (at least 6-7h of undisturbed sleep a day)
    2. Diet (stable blood sugar levels, NO added nitrates- common meat preservative, meaning salami/ham/sausage/jerky etc.)
    3. Avoiding alcohol, coffee and cigarettes (even second hand) while PMS-ing (my attacks are very reliant on my cycle/hormones)
    4. Exercise

    …BUT, the only thing that works in the aura stage is CBD oil <3

    I don't know a lot about the USA medical system, but migraine headaches and cluster headaches etc are not of same ethiology and headaches usually don't come with plethora of other neurological symptoms, which I assume is why they were declassified. Drugs that work specifically for migraines do nothing for regular headaches

  4. What is your recommendation on type of doctor to see for very aggressive ear pain in one ear?

  5. I've tried other cbd products that just did nothing for me (500mg ) are there people who do not get relief from using cbd oil .??????

  6. This was so helpful I have been suffering from hemiplegic migraines and they just keep throwing meds at me that have horrible side effects! I’m hoping CBD oil will help me. Thank you for your channel!

  7. Watched the whole video, then skipped through it one more time. She my have some ok info, but you will have to buy her online document to get her real info. Disappointing.

  8. I have just recently started CBD therapy and are trying to find the right balance for my hemiplegic migraines! I get them quite frequently and are very frustrated right now. I used to be able to at least withstand a little more than now, and it is a lot tougher to even pick up and hold my phone to just type this. I am thanking God my kids are grown. Right now I am at a 250mg strength of whole plant hemp extract water soluble. How can I tell when I am at the right level? My doctor is still in the learning process of this too. LOL

  9. I paid for My CBD migraine relief protocol but I dont see the digital copy anywhere. I was charged on my account.

  10. Hello Dr. Melissa, I love the wealth of information that you are sharing!!  My question is, are you familiar with the term "rebound headaches"?  I went to a headache specialist and he started me on some RX that were awful.  Gave me nightmares.  He stated I was having rebound headaches from all the ibuprofen I take.  So since I could take an over the counter to help ease the daily pain, I thought I am not taking those RX drugs.  I realize NSAIDS are bad for me.  I have had this issue for 20 years.  I did take your test and yes I think CBD could help me for several things, but what about the "rebound" headaches.  Would I start the oil and just stop the over the counter and be a hermit until the cycle breaks??  Thank you again so much for the advice and your knowledge  : ) Heather

  11. Hi! I purchased the protocol an hour ago and have not received it yet. Thanks

  12. Hi! Do you have THC free products for people that are drug tested for employment?

  13. PS. I just ordered your CBD migraine treatment protocol but when I completed filling out my info and clicked “finished”, the site didn’t acknowledge a successful transaction 🤔 Can you confirm it went through? My name is Christa and I just filled it out 5 minutes ago. Not sure when you’ll get this 😉 Thanks so much in advance. God bless you!

  14. Hi lovely lady! Wow. I’d say I’m speechless but I just have to send you a note on here. I’ve just now pulled out the cbd oil to begin using more frequently! Your channel has been a massive encouragement since finding it only yesterday. Thankful to God it was suggested to me on YouTube because me oh my you are a wonder!
    Im 30 years old and have lived with significant head pain for 12 years as of this March. Starting when I was 18….Between 2 rollover MVA’s, 5 years of chronic Lyme and malaria and toxic mold illness, followed by 2 years of wellness while healing the gut etc, and zero Lyme symptoms that paved the way for 3 pregnancies and 3 natural deliveries, which then led to discovering via MRI this past Autumn, that I have herniating of the tonsillar area of the cerebellum (Chiari), probably was the cause of the Hypersomnia I had during much of the third pregnancy in 2017 and most likely the culprit of some of the lingering head/neck pain and daily migraines… I was particularly touched by Lauren’s story as I too have endured 9 day migraines, but typically have 5-20 migraines per month with ocular disturbances and nausea and off balance sensations, numbness etc. ripping me away from my dear hubbs and 3 precious sons, our small acreage and just any quality of life, requiring my man and family/friends/community to step in and fill my shoes. What an encouraging conclusion how CBD has been impactful for the good in Lauren’s story. I’m not sure why I haven’t been trying cbd more often! I take it each night before bed but no more than that. I also have topical cbd ointment… Girl! Im just smiling and tearing up all at once. NUCCA has proven helpful but relief doesn’t seem to last as my ligaments were hyper stretched during seizures and MVA’s that occurred during the Lyme years. But one of many breathtakingly GOOD things God has brought forth from these traumatic Circumstances is increasing my alertness to all things natural and holistic and organic. We initially bought into the conventional system, only to see its ugly under belly within a matter of weeks. Anyway Dr. Melissa, since about 7 years ago, it’s been a joy to take courses online and glean from a couple ND’s and homeopaths in our city here, and have the privilege of doing basic health and wellness counselling on the side. I’ve already directed several people your way as I just know they’ll be hugely blessed and reap wonderful benefits from not only what you share but HOW you share it. You possess a beautiful confidence and cheerful energy with obvious expert competence driven by compassion! Can we please meet for tea?! Haha oh man I’m sure everyone on here feels that way about you 😉
    But truly. Thank you. From myself, but also our 5, 3, and 1 year old sons, and from my amazing hubby who has sacrificed more than words can type being married to me😅. God BLESS you abundantly as you continue to thrive in your own health and impart such wisdom and tools to those of us who are privileged to be following you 🤗 I’m not very savvy navigating online but I would’ve rather sent this to you privately, I just don’t know how. Hugs from Canada and know that there’s a guest cottage waiting for you if you ever want to come visit BC 😎.

  15. Is the CBD oil okay for use of breastfeeding moms? And will it help my yeast infection?

  16. Enjoying your videos very much. We have CBD oil & salve on hand….first heard about it last Aug. & started using it. As for debilitating headaches, my husband used to get them. He was in horrible misery every time. Come to find out, our chiropractor/natural health doctor figured out what the cause was : dehydration ! He thinks my husband had been dehydrated most of his life. Once he started drinking plenty of water, the headaches , for the most part, stopped. He rarely gets a headache any more. Such a simple solution !
    CBD salve has been amazing for me. If I rub some on my tailbone & down a little bit of my right hip, my leg doesn't ache when I go to bed (an issue that started about 4 months ago).

  17. Does the cbd oil help with cluster headaches? I get clusters more often than I like. I take a prescription med that helps them be less frequent but I do still get them.

  18. I have been listening to your videos on CBD and didn't realize that my menstrual headaches could be helped with CBD. I am now inspired to get some to try it. The natural Foods store actually has a trial sized bottle for $19.99 which would allow me to sample it first. Thank you for the info!

  19. I used to suffer from menstrual migraines that have evolved into weekly migraines with a lingering headache all the other days of the week. I’m so miserable but doctors keep telling me there’s nothing wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

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