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CBD OIL FOR EPILEPSY – A Seizure Free Story

CBD Oil is all the rage these days. Does it work? What should you look for? Can you give it to kids? It can be confusing. We hope to alleviate some of that …

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  1. My son has childhood epilepsy I don't know where to begin with cbd what is the proper dose he should take any info you may have please anyone.

  2. What a awesome success story. Besides being organic, Why did you decide to go with palmetto harmony ?

  3. Wow what a great video. So happy for you and your daughter. My father in law has been having seizures for a while now. Once every 4-8 weeks or so. The only thing the doctors can say is that they are just "frontal lobic seizures." So not epilepsy but I wonder if this will help? He will just either fall or black out, turn white as a ghost, and even drool all over. Then he will sleep for 24-48 hours after. I wonder where to even start if this would help him

  4. So happy for you guys for the success you're seeing with this. It's wonderful to see Bella happy and seizure-free!

  5. This is a pretty amazing success story for CBD oil. Here's hoping it continues to work this well and help others.

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