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CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY | Review & Side Effects

CBD Hey everyone! This is going to be a different video for today, if any of you guys suffer from headaches, anxiety, back pain or neck pain definitely go check …

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  1. Interesting video topic. Social anxiety is serious. I have it due to certain triggers and it makes me prone to “over-clocking.” Look forward to your next video.

  2. Thanks man! I have anxiety too and i try that oil soon i hope it help me too!

  3. I was waiting for the “use …… for % off” lol I use CBD all the time but it’s so expensive.

  4. i just started using cbd for the same reasons! what’s the update with you?

  5. Speaking of mind altering substances, I have a new drinking game for you all to try: Every time this guy says the word "like", take a shot. The object of the game is to try not to die. 😁

  6. Great video mate- good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making it

  7. Anxiety for me…. when it happens to me( which is most of the time). I’ll stumble over my words and I hate that! 🙄

  8. I’d appreciate you replying but when I sit in class and someone looks at me or someone next to me I don’t know talks near me I go bright red and then I realise I am and then go even more red and for example if a teacher asks me to read something out in front of everyone I go really red and feel hot and sweaty , do I have amxiety ?

  9. I’ve developed Misophonia and this actually helps. It’s super interesting. Anxiety is a serious thing and many people take it as a joke. Like “oh my goodness I’m getting AnXiEtY” and make fun of the situation. This is not funny. Honestly, it’s something that needs to be talked about more often. Thank you for making this video.

  10. Wow! I would of never thought a person like you would have anxiety, makes me relate to you more 😍😍

  11. Thanks for sharing your story, anxiety sucks, I can relate! The struggle is real, CBD is the best. It’s natural, and it helps ease the hyper-active anxious brain pathways. Studied psychology and CBD is better than the pharmaceuticals for mental illnesses. Finally, where has CBD oil been though?

  12. I have it as well. Also work in public service which requires working directly with people! I am hoping real CBD will help my anxiety and social anxiety

  13. Does anybody else get a wierd vision change when having anxiety. Or is it just me

  14. Everything you mentioned in this video i go through. i have depression and somniphobia, etc. i’ve smoked before but stopped a few months ago to try something better thank you for posting this! now i know what i want 100%

  15. Hey. I have super bad anxiety and was diagnosed with panic disorder last year. I want to try CBD oil, but I’m so scared it makes my panic modes worse. Does it help? Will I panic? Will I get high and panic?

  16. My anxiety is bad. I get to work early to avoid the rush. Stand far from the bus stop then sit at the back of the bus. Look at my phone to avoid interactions then setup my stuff and sit in a quiet place and eat. Then I put earphones in to reduce noise in work which is bad. Pretty tired of it but want to make sure I do everything I can in my power to help with fitness and diet then add with cbd for the worst anxiety moments.

  17. Hi Jax,

    What mg are you using? How many mg is in one have dropper. Thanks!

  18. Thank You for opening up about your anxiety ❤️ I suffer from anxiety too. I bought CBD oil today so I hope it can help me through my social anxiety ❤️

  19. You seem like a nice person. Thanks for the review, I have anxiety myself

  20. What’s the name of that specific CBD oil & where can it be purchased?

  21. Hey Jaax ! Thanks a lot for the review ! It is very friendly, and you do have a nice smile. My girlfriend and i use CBD for some times now, but we live in Europe, and getting some good CBD is not easy… as they are all in US, and don't ship to europe…. So I found and they have a lot of choice !.

    Thanks for all, and share the CBD love !

  22. Great topic. Looking at a young handsome guy such as yourself – i would NOT think you had any anxiety at all. But then im biased 🙂 hooray on the discovery you're making at such a very very young age. Wish i had grown up now and not ummm several years ago 🙂 🙂

  23. Hey, thanks you for the video ! great review and also I love your enthousiasm !
    i knew already about CBD but not everything ^^ SO thanks a lot ! only issue is to get the product in europe , i dk where dd you get your CBD from but I found and they are perfect for me, lot of choice and the website is smooth. Thanks for all Merry Christmas , and share the CBD love !

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