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CBD Oil Effects for Autism

Busy day! The new FA shirts came in, we opened fam mail, the girls went to the pool, we talk about CBD oil effects for autism and specifically how it affected …

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  1. I know you live in FL so it's definitely a bit harder. But, if CBD doesn't work, there is still a chance that THC episode help. She obviously doesn't have to smoke it but she could use the oils to drop under her tongue. Medical marijuana has become a beacon of light for many, many people. Sending love..💙💙

  2. End of the day, supper time is complete chaos in my house, toddler and baby. I think the end of the day is tough for everyone, all around, tired, hungry.

  3. Oh my goodness. I just love her so much. You guys are doing an amazing job. I use to work with children with disabilities including those that were Autistic. I've never met anyone as high functioning as she is at her age. You guys are an amazing, wonderful family. I know you have no choice but to do everything you can to make her life easy because she's your daughter and there's nothing like that love, but you need to be told to keep up the great work. Many parents do not want to take the time to help their children as much as you do.

  4. Try a CBD and thc mix, I know most won't want to try it because technically the thc is what gets you high. But when they're mixed it counter reacts to eachother and you'll get CBD

  5. I know this is an older video but have you guys tried the weighted blankets to help her sleep or calm down

  6. I feel like this is weird to say but watching Abby eat and observe you and comprehend is soooo soothing to watch. She is such a sweet girl.

  7. Is there any food that she doesn't like. I would love for my little granddaughter to eat like that. Right now all she wants is dill pickle chips sometimes a fried egg if I'm lucky

  8. Have you heard anything about stem cell therapy for autism . I just saw an article about it. I still do not understand how it works. Love your Abby she is such a pretty girl.

  9. I am 57 yr old woman on dial y sis with lots of pain and it made me see things scary be aware

  10. I bet she thinks it's her birthday or Christmas all the time. 😉

  11. Well, at least we know she's DEFINITELY well fed. She makes sure of it. XD

  12. Have you guys tried thc oil. It helped me with my anxity and pain . It may help Abby .

  13. I want a shirt just because i love them and respect them so much. What a great family!!! Ive binge watching their videos since last night ❤️

  14. It doesn't matter if the CBD oil is high end or not it depends on the process and what they're using to contain the CBD compound.
    I have worked on Alexis's diet 4 / 7 or 8 years and have been studying everything about food supplements herbals and homeopathics.
    One simple not very expensive thing that you can do is purchase a bottle of ionic trace minerals. They should be in a liquid form and most of them are ocean derived but the important part is that she needs to increase her magnesium in the evening and that will most certainly help create a calming effect on her body without changing the chemistry just stimulating and adding to it with the minerals that help detoxification as well.
    Sorry I hope that's not too much and again you guys are great🤔🤓😇

  15. The oils that they use are mostly coconut in the CBD tinctures and she may have a problem with whatever filler oil that particular brand is using.
    I have studied medical cannabis CBD for many years and can say with almost a hundred percent certainty that the CBD itself did not cause any adverse reaction it has to be the filler. I do not sell or endorse any CBD products but if you would like to message me I'll be more than happy to share the information that I have with you my daughter is 13 and has a form of nonverbal autism and I started watching your Vlogs because your daughter is very much like mine she is beautiful and I think you guys are doing a terrific job!!

  16. I have been on a binge! I adore this family. My son has some sensory issues, nothing that affects him considerably but still there. Abigail is such a beautiful girl. I want to hug her, every time I watch her lol. And not out of pity, just bc she's so sweet and gentle. You all are incredibly inspiring and binge worthy

  17. My Son also struggles with “manic eating” it’s scary & frustrating. He has meltdowns at times if we try to regulate like you did. So, I give him half portions at a time. That seems to help him realize to eat slowly & chew thoroughly and then he can have the second half of his meal.

  18. Found this through recommendation. Seems like such a beautiful and wholesome family ♥️

  19. You guys are incredible with her. I work with special needs kids and I love how you just let her stim and go through her motions. It is refreshing after seeing people I've worked with refusing to let them stim, it is amazing the freedom (within reason) that you give her. I am in awe. Also I am graduating in December with my special education teaching credentials. <3. I am learning SO much from watching your videos. Totally invaluable information you guys give. I wish you lived closer so I can go to meetups. I live in Washington. Hopefully you find your way to the West Coast (or me to Florida). I would love to meet the MaasSquad. Abbie is an amazing young lady. <3

  20. hey guys question, why does she seem to have an obsession with food?? If I am totally off base or out of line please say so. I have found your channel two weeks ago now and if im not working or studying then im binge watching you all. Love your family could totally chill with you guys and feel at home. Thank you for sharing all you do.

  21. She's such a sweet young lady. You all are awesome parents. I'm a photographer here in the Jacksonville area. I would love to sponsor your family a photo shoot. I also have a close relative who is autistic. If you're interested just let me know. Keep up the great work you all. 💙

  22. Watching y'all eat was cute. She was like wait what? You want me to stop? Idk about that… Oh a drink ill chug that too lol. You guys are such great parents.

  23. I think it's a disgrace to post vids of your tween daughter highlighting her special needs. It's clear that she is loved but wouldn't you think she would be embarrassed later in life by being put on display without her own informed consent? Nice forcing her in front of the camera for the unboxings. She attemped to leave more than one and was blocked then redirected. She is too old for dollies with yarn hair. You do realize that her IQ is likely higher than both of yours combined?….. Her face when she looks at the doll…. Keep telling her she sounds like a baby dinosaur. Or a puzzle piece. (Sarcasm). "Ok bye thanks for sending us all this stuff". At least you got her a speaking board. That was kind of you.

  24. There multiple kinds of CBD oil as well their guns and make people mellow like okay relax and their kinds that make you feel playful more upbeat so you want to make sure that you get the right one

  25. ABA is basically to make passing NTS neurotypical people feel comfortable with the autistic child how about you make you autistic child feel more comfortable with entities or neural typical people that way the neurotypical people don't have to go oh well why is that I like that because you would help the child to feel more safe in the situation rather than saying the new world atypical people just have to behave like typical people even though their brains work differently is that really fair?

  26. My son has Autism too. I’ve had to do the finger scoop to get the all the food he put in his mouth he began to choke. Now he won’t hardly eat anything. I just started him on CDB oil.

  27. Have you guys tried any essential oils before bed? Like putting a little lavender in her moisturizer? Or a plug in for her room? Not sure if those things are potential hazards around her but I find it’s very soothing before sleeping, like maybe in bubble bath or lotions.

  28. That's awesome that she's eating like that my son six he only eats for different things all he wants is grilled cheese I haven't put them on the CBD yet but I am

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